How to Make Money in Network Marketing with Extremely Limited Time

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Fill in the blanks with the top TWO objections you get in network marketing.

“I just don't have the ________.”
“I just don't have the ________.”

Even though you see the answer right here, I can pretty much guarantee you that MOST people will answer exactly the same.  It's pretty easy to guess what the answer is…even if I didn't give it to you.

“I just don't have the time.” 
“I just don't have the money.

Those are the TWO of the Most Common Objections we get in network marketing from our prospects…and, even though this post has absolutely nothing to do with overcoming objections, the SAME issue of TIME is still very prevalent when it comes to your reps who are already IN the business!!

Now…one could argue that someone who has no TIME or MONEY…well, they should be looking for a way to get more time and money.  Instead of it being a roadblock to getting in…it should more likely be a REASON to get in!

But…again, this post is about making money PART-TIME in network marketing.

How does one who is totally strapped for time, who has already joined a business,
make it work on extremely spare-time hours???

Trust me…you will face this OFTEN in this business.  In fact, you will be facing this situation so frequently…that it would be an excellent idea to MASTER this ongoing issue people have.

How to Make Money in Network Marketing with Extremely Limited Time

“I want to build this thing, but I just don't have the time!”  So…what does one do?  You teach them to look at their time differently!  Here's how you get people to take action, in spite of having very little time.

#1:  Sit Down with Them and Look at their Weekly Calendar.  

What can they give or give up?  Something has to give.  Date nights are probably not negotiable.  Sunday Church isn't negotiable.  I'd never ask a new rep to bail on date night so they could go build their business.  Relationships are more important than money 7-days a week.  A movie night with their kids?  I wouldn't have them dump that either.  Kids are numero uno in my book.  Church.  Not negotiable to a religious person.

BUT…perhaps that Saturday round of golf or the Thursday night Poker night with the boys.  Those could certainly give…at least of now.

What you need to do first and foremost is look at someone's regular weekly routine and see how they can make even a little bit of room for the business.  Most people can give up something in order to gain in the long run.

#2:  The Crooks and Crannies all Add Up!  

I talk about this stuff all the time.  5-minutes here, 10-minutes there…it all adds up.  Teaching a person to look at their time differently is one of the most valuable things you can do for them.

The reality is simple.  Most people do not look at their 10-minute drive to pick up the dry cleaning as an opportunity to make a call or two about their business.  That 30-minute commute to work…that's prime time prospecting time.  Now…be safe of course, but it can be done.  In fact…the guy I reference in the video did it.  Mark Wieser came to me quitting his business.  We took him from quitting to over 10 grand a month in his car!  100% percent of his work time was during that two hour commute each way from Riverside to Los Angeles.  He wanted it.  Watch the video and hear the story if you haven't already.

#3:  Your Prospect List Goes Everywhere with You.  No Exceptions! 

For people struggling with putting the time in…it is an absolute MUST that your prospect list is with you at all times.  When the moment arises, you can grab your list and make a few calls.  If you don't bring it with you…you've just wasted a prime opportunity to grow your business…and help you free up that very precious commodity that you currently have very little of in your life.

Your New Rep Will Not View Their Time Differently Until you TEACH THEM to Do So!!

You need to understand this clearly.  Your new rep does NOT typically view their time in the way the need to in order to maximize their results with extremely limited time.  Your JOB is to help people SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY than they do right now…and it involves sitting down with them and literally TEACHING THEM to look at their day differently!!

Don't skip this when you're doing your “Getting Started” Training with them!!  In fact…this is probably one of the most HIGH VALUE and crucial steps to take with  your new reps.  Why?????  Because most people are already extremely busy and have limited time!  So…teach them to look at it differently and you'll get them a different result!

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