The ABC’s of Better Listening

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The ABC's of Better Listening?  Do we need to be taught how to listen better??

One would think that listening comes natural to people.
After all, we all have ears…shouldn't effective listening simply be automatic?

Unfortunately, really listening and hearing what someone else is saying is often clouded by both our internal environment (all the crazy stuff going on in our own lives), as well as our external environment (all the things happening around us) that cause us to not listen the way we really need to in order to better serve others.

The ABC's of Better Listening

How do you listen better?  It's pretty simple.  You do three things.

A.  Turn Off All External Distractions.  If you are in your office, shut the door.  Close your computer screen.  Don't have music or a TV going on in the background.  If you are talking to someone on your landline, flip your cell phone over and don't look at it.  Put it on silent.   The most important person at this time is the one you are communicating with.  There isn't room for multi-tasking when it comes to being a better listener.

As far as the internal distractions go…all you an do is try to shut off what's going on inside your head long enough to get through your meeting.  I learned a long time ago that if you have problems…lock them in the car when you show up for your meetings.  You can always go back to them afterwards!

B. Be Present and Allow your Prospect to Finish their Sentence Before your Respond.  Don't interrupt them.  It shows that you aren't listening to them.  You're listening to understand, not to respond.  Most people do the exact opposite.  They listen to respond, not to understand.  When you interrupt them mid-sentence, they know it.

And, it shows them a few things.  One…that you think you are more important or what you have to say is more important.  Two…that you really weren't even listening to what they said.   And three…that you obviously don't even really care what they were telling you.   Otherwise, you would have let them finish their sentence.  Let them finish what they're saying.  Then PAUSE…if even for a moment before you respond.  That little extra pause shows the person that you heard what they were telling you.

C.  Take Physical or Mental Note.   In the business of selling, relationship building, network marketing…however you want to view what we do…we're in the business of discovery.  Your objective is to discovuer, to uncover needs, wants, desires…and help fill them if your product or opportunity can help them.  It's a great habit to take notes whle on the phone wiht people.  It helps you remember.  If you're in person and not able to take physical notes, take “mental” note…and the moment you leave the meeting, write down all the things that they told you that you felt was important from that meeting.  Then…take all the notes you've taken and put them in your contact manager.

I literally have a record of every conversation I have with people inside of my Contact Manager.  If you don't have a gerat follow up system or CRM for your business, I'd suggest taking The Fearless Networker System for a Free Test Drive. 

Being a better listener isn't hard.  It's simply about you choosing to be PRESENT with the person you are with.  I use this phrase all the time...”wherever you are, be there.”

If you're going to meet with someone, sit down with them or converse with them on the phone or any other way…doesn't it make sense to make the most of that meeting?

Slow down.  Turn off your distractions.  Clear your mind of your internal distractions…you can come back to them later.  Listen…let them finish.  Pause.  Then respond.  And…take notes, so you can remember all the things they told you that were important to them.

When you apply these simple ABC's of Better Listening, you'll end up doing a lot more business!

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