How to Not Suck at Network Marketing

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How to Not Suck at Network Marketing
  • An Exercise to Help You Sharpen Your Skillset
  • Where to Get Support to Get Better Results 
If you’re going to be a professional in Network Marketing, 
why would you want to fail at it?

If you’re going to be in Network Marketing why would you want to fail at it? Afterall, your objective is to NOT suck. Yep, I’m quite frankly talking about "How to Not Suck at Network Marketing".

It appears to be effortless for the individual that has a background in sales, that is outgoing, exudes self-confidence, has influence, is likeable, etc. However, the road to success can be harder for the individual that doesn’t possess those traits.

So, how do YOU not suck at Network Marketing?

Here’s an exercise to help you sharpen your skill set…

  • List 

Write down all the things you do in Network Marketing. Specifically list every single role and responsibility you have in your business.

Examples include generating leads, inviting, overcoming objections, follow-up, closing, launching new reps, team building, leadership, marketing, etc.

  • Rate

Subsequently, rate yourself for each category on a scale from 1-10. Assign a number to each task that represents how you perform it. Are you a 3? Are you a 9? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Be objective and honest! I’d suggest you set a goal to be a minimum of 7 to 8.

  • Improve

Once you’ve completed your list, look at each category and  ask yourself, “How do I improve?”

We all have room for improvement. Even the biggest leaders in the profession are continually seeking to grow and further develop their skills.

Start with the lowest rated category and work on it. Do whatever it takes to bring that rating up. Study the subject, practice, observe others, etc. We learn by doing.

“Become obsessed with getting good.”

There is a pathway to improvement. Everything we do in this business is learnable and something you can work on and improve upon. Consequently, you get better to get better results.

Getting Better = Better Results

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Todd Falcone
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