How to Separate yourself from the Competition

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Would you like to know how to separate yourself from the competition and make you completely stand out from the pack?  I bet you would!!

As we move into the Holiday Season…and being in the relationship building business that we're in, this is the PERFECT time of the year to get your entire database updated and collect physical addresses from people.

“What?  Todd.  Are you in the Dark Ages?  Physical addresses bro?  Get with the times!”

Guaranteed there's at least one unfortunate soul who doesn't understand the true value in what it takes to build a strong foundational relationship.  And…it goes well beyond tech.

I don't know about you…but as times have changed, many people went from having everyone's “physical” mailing address to only collecting email addresses.  I did it.

Now…when you look at your address book or database, many times you're missing their PHYSICAL address.  After all, who needs a physical mailing address when you can just pop them an email?  Smart people.  That's who.

Guess what?  People still love getting mail!  Maybe not junk mail or bills…but people love happy surprises!  Surprises are fun!  They lift us up and make the endorphins fly.

Making people feel good shouldn't be a lost art.  It should be simply what we do.  And…this is the perfect time of the year to get in that habit again!

It's the Holidays!!  Time to pick up the phone, send a text or an email…and ASK your contacts for their physical address!!!  By the way…when you do that, it may be a really good idea to get them out a Holiday card once you've got it.

How to Separate yourself from the Competition and Completely Dominate in What you Do

Now…here's the kicker.  And…this is probably one of the most valuable tips I could ever give you on knowing how to separate yourself from the competition and make you completely stand out from everyone else.  In fact…I'd go as far as to say this.

Do this and you will DOMINATE your competitors. 
Do this and NO ONE will ever forget you. 
Do this and everyone you know will LOVE you for who you are.  
Do this and your BUSINESS will BOOM.
Do this and you'll NEVER have money worries again.  

This is the cat's meow when it comes to relationship building my friends.  Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

So…how do you separate yourself from the competition? 

What's this “physical address thing” all about?
How do you get yourself to stand out from the pack?

Here's how.  The address is the tip of the iceberg.  It's the delivery mechanism.  Literally.

Once you have someone's PHYSICAL address, you're literally in possession of something that allows you to dramatically separate yourself from everyone else and make you STAND OUT.

Step One:  KNOW their True Passion in Life!

One of the most valuable things you can do in life is know what your friends, contacts and family members LOVE.

What does your person LOVE?  What light's them up?  What do they dig doing all day long?  What's their passion?  What drives them?  What makes them light up like a Christmas tree the moment they start talking about it?

Go check out the Facebook or Instagram page and you should know in seconds.

If you looked at my page for 10-seconds, you'd quickly know that I'm an outdoorsman.  I love fishing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, hunting and doing stuff in the woods.  Now…I like other things too, but you'd know that already if you knew me or peaked on my Social Media accounts.

When you know someone's likes, passions and interests…and others don't, you're the very unique position to literally make your competition irrelevant. 

How does that sound to you?  Make your competition irrelevant.

Step Two:  Keep an Eye Out for Things they'd Enjoy

This isn't all about running around and buying people stuff.  I'm not telling you to start purchasing crap to bribe people to like you more.  My point here is very simple and significant.

They will SEE you as someone who KNOW them and truly CARES about them and what they like.   And, guess what?  That makes you different.  In a good way.  In a heartfelt deep way.

They will SEE you as someone who KNOW them and truly CARES about them and what they like. 
Please read that sentence above one more time and let it sink in.

Now…when you're out living your life…and because YOU KNOW, you have an awareness of what your top prospect you'd love to sign into your business loves, you'll be more likely to see it.

“Holy smokes…Falcone would LOVE this thing!  He's going to laugh when he gets this.  It's going to make his day!”

Some little trinket that costs you $4, could be the difference maker.
It might be a YouTube video of something that person loves, or an article or something else.

It doesn't HAVE to be physical, but it does have to stoke their passion or desire.

Step Three:  Rinse and Repeat Over and Over Again

I'd say this should be your habit.  Getting ahead in business requires doing things that make you different.

When you know tricks on how to separate yourself from the competition and you make your habit, your mission in life to be the kind of person who shows people that you give a damn about them…you win.  Cuz guess what?  A good majority of people don't care about anyone but themselves.

Do this and your life will change.

I referenced a couple people in this video that I will NEVER forget simply because they made extremely kind and unexpected gestures toward me.  They are literally permanently engraved in my brain as unforgettable.

You can do the same.  Just follow these steps.

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