The Real Reason Not to Prejudge your Prospects

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In Network Marketing 101, we're all taught not to prejudge your prospects.  Don't decide for them.  Let them make their own decision.  Your job is to just flip that rock over and see if they are open or not.

Here's the real reason not to prejudge your prospects.  And…this is especially important when it comes to recruiting highly successful or accomplished people.  Think about this for a moment.  You know any of the following?

  • Business Owners
  • Real Estate Agent or Broker
  • Financial Planner or Investment Advisor
  • Super Successful Sales Executive
  • anyone else that you feel has got their “stuff” together.

If you do…maybe you're like a lot of people.  You picture in your mind what their life must be like.

“Wow!  She sure has a really nice car and house.  She must be really happy with her life!”
“Golly!  John and Brenda are such an amazing couple.  They have the perfect family!”
“Man…I wish I had a business like George has.  He must be super rich!”

We plant SEEDS in our heads as to what we THINK their lives are like.  But…do you REALLY know?  No…you don't.

Under the surface, they may be begging for a change.  But…they'll probably never show those cards.  They may be hurting BIG TIME, but they won't let the public know it.  They might be praying for something amazing to come their way.

And…if you make the mistake a LOT of network marketers make, it will slow your business down big time.  The real reason not to prejudge your prospects is simple.  You don't know the real truths about what their life is like.  You just get to see what they want you to see.

Think about that.  Social Media is the same.  You don't show the worst of yourself on Social…you show the BEST of yourself, and it's not the WHOLE truth, is it?

STOP prejudging your prospects…especially those highly successful people you look up to in life.  Show them what you've got.  Let them make up their own mind whether they want to do it or not.

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Stop prejudging people in your prospecting efforts.  It's making your business suffer!

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