How Trust is Built in Business

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How Trust is Built in Business:  The Pathway to Success

People need to trust you if they're going to do business with you.  That's plainly obvious.  I don't think anyone would argue that point.  I did this video today because someone legitimately asked me, “Todd…how do I go about building trust in my prospects?”  

Criminals don't care about the truth.  They live a lifetime of lies.

But…smart business people, those individuals who want a lasting and profitable career, care deeply about the concept of trust. It's at the core of their business.  People do business with those they trust, people that can be relied upon.

Trust is built in business by:

  • Telling the truth.  Duh!
  • Being reliable.  Can they count on you?
  • Being consistent.  Are you constantly changing and hard to pinpoint?
  • Over-delivering on their expectations.

How are you doing in those categories?  I give some more detail in the video to help you understand how it is built, and how you can repair it if it's lost.

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