Improve Your Follow up By Asking Better Questions

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How to improve your follow up by asking better questions. Applying these will boost your revenue… be careful with them 🙂
  • Moving the person to the next step in the process using these TWO little questions.
  • The SMART WAY to ASK your follow up question… so that your prospects always book the next appointment with you.

Improve Your Follow Up By Asking Better Questions

There's power in asking questions.

One of the greatest things you can do that will grow your network marketing business… is to get good at asking questions.

The purpose of asking questions is to find out if the person is serious about improving X in their life.

X can be their…

  • – Health
  • – Weight
  • – Money
  • – Etc

whatever your solution is.

The key is to ask your questions in the right order and to make sure that your questions are always…

Moving The Person To The Next Step In The Process

There's a lot of different questions you could be asking. This will depend on your business and products that you offer.

What you want to do is drill down and find out what the person needs to SEE to get started.

Maybe they need to see the products? Maybe see how the business works? It's our job to find out what they need to see and then send it over to them.

Before we send anything over we're going to ask them… “What's the best modality to get you the info (phone, text, video, etc)?”

Some people like to read, some like to watch a video, etc. We want to find out what our prospect preferred modality is.

Then we'll communicate with them that way. At this stage we're starting to build a connection with them.

Now, it's time to book the follow up appointment.

The Smart Way To Ask Your Follow Up Question.

What I'm about to share with you will BOOST your appointment close rates… BIG TIME!

It's really simple…

DO NOT say this… “Can I get back with you?”. This is better than nothing, but it's still a little weak.

DO SAY THIS… “When in the next 24hrs can we get back together JOHN?”

In this episode training I show you how to dial this one in a little more.

Now, let's look at WHY this works. 

It works because it pre-supposes when you can get back to John.

This is strong and leads the conversation to the next step… the follow up appointment.

Now, when you follow up, here's a few questions to ask…

1) “John, What did you like the most about X?”

Here's one that I like to use towards the close of the call

2) “John, if you had to rate yourself from 1-10… what number would you give yourself after reviewing the information?”

Using these questions together will lead them towards your finial CTA (call-to-action). More in this episode.

I recommend you listen to this episode and start taking massive action and put this into your follow up.

In this episode #25, It's all about how to… “Improve Your Follow up By Asking Better QuestionsListen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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