Is a Product User one of the Network Marketing Objections?

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Network Marketing ObjectionsI get all sorts of questions from network marketers around the world.  This one:  “Is a Product User one of the Common Network Marketing Objections?” is an interesting one.

If you're going to succeed in network marketing and last long-term, you have to be able to handle yourself well when faced with common objections and questions related to your business.

It's not a hard thing to master because we really don't get that many different network marketing objections…maybe a dozen or so that regularly come up.

In this video, I answer a question from James in Australia about people wanting to try his product before becoming a rep…and how to deal with that.

I will say this.  Anytime you get a product user, someone to test or sample your network marketing company's product or service, that is a GREAT THING!  Someone might perceive them simply wanting to “try” your products or services and not join you in business as a network marketing objection, but it is in fact, quite the opposite.

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