Is Old School Network Marketing Dead?

What You'll Discover In This Episode

  • Is old school network marketing really dead?
  • How to use technology and “old school” network marketing tactics together, to accelerate your business.
  • What to do if you're fearful about reaching out to your warm market about your network marketing opportunity.

So, is old school network marketing dead? Good question!

I had someone ask me this the other day. My first question back was… what's “old school” network marketing?

Let's unpack this real quick…

What do you determine “old school” network marketing is? For me, it's about the fundamentals. The basics of getting started in this industry.

They are:
1) Make a list of your “warm market”, people you'd want to do business with.
2) Contact those people to share the idea with them about your opportunity.
Now, think about this for a second. This would be the same thing you'd do if you were opening up a pizza joint, or dry cleaners, etc.

Wouldn't you want your friends and family to do business with you? Eat at your pizza joint or drop off their dry cleaning at your new dry cleaning service.

Of course, you would? So, the real question is, why do we hesitate to share our network marketing opportunity? More on this in the podcast.

Also, here's something the pro's know (and I feature a lot of them on my “spotlight” posts).

Technology allows us to speed up these “old school” methods so we get results faster.

This is why you'll see a lot “old school” leaders growing their teams, faster today than ever before. It's because they're using the fundamentals WITH today's technology.

Heck, I remember when the latest technology was “fax-on-demand”. This is where you'd have your prospect go to a fax machine, type in a few numbers…. and out would come a printed sheet of paper explaining the opportunity.

It's very interesting to see the iterations that have come about over the last 30 years in this industry.

But, to me when I look at the fundamentals of what we do in network marketing, they haven't changed that much.

Now, tools and technology have changed (big time). When email first came out, it was a game changer. Back in the day, it was normal to get 100% open rates on email.

Then you had cassette tapes, cd's, online video and now zoom meetings. It's really quite amazing what technology has allowed us to do is it?

I think the premise of what we do in network marketing has not changed all that much.

In this episode #12 we're going to examine… Is old school network marketing dead? Listen to the show below.

Also, check out the “Network Marketing Mastery Section”(below) to go to the next step on this topic.

Stay fearless my friends.

Todd Falcone
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