Is The Destination Worth The Journey?

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Is The Destination Worth The Journey?
  • Battling Your Way To The Top In Network Marketing
  • Having The Fearless Mindset And Creating Your Freedom

Is The Destination Worth The Journey?

Happy independence day, my fearless networker! Today I have a special message for you. Because it’s independence day, I want to share something that can make all the difference in your network marketing business. You know the beauty of this direct sales model allows us the opportunity to create freedom for ourselves and our families. We’re able to do this through the power of leverage. And it’s inspiring! Over the past thirty years in this industry, I’ve seen people get started and reach the top. I’ve also seen people get started and leave within a few days, weeks, and months. Here’s what I know for sure. This business will test you every day along your journey. So the question is… Is the destination worth the journey? Watch today’s video to find out.

Battling Your Way To The Top In Network Marketing

Some days this business can seem like an uphill battle. You against the world…People saying NO to you about your products and services. People saying NO to your opportunity. It reminds me of this trip Carla and I took with a group of friends to Indonesia. Talk about a battle. It took us 44 hours to get there. I mean, 30 hours in, we were OVER IT! And then it happened…We saw this tiny island off in the distance. Within a little while, we hit the beach and got off the boat. We finally arrived! Was it worth spending 44 hours on getting there? YES! We had a fantastic time, and we’ll never forget it. It’s the same with this business. I can tell you with 100% that it’s worth the battle! The freedom you can have from this business is amazing.

Having The Fearless Mindset And Creating Your Freedom

Let me share the fearless mindset for staying true to your vision. Stay attached to your core reason why you’re doing the business. This is because the road will be rough, people will leave your team, and people will say no to your business and products. Your vision and reason WHY you’re doing this business will keep you in the game. Remember, money equals freedom. Get real and raw with your feelings and why you decided to do this business.

This episode, #185, it’s about “Is The Destination Worth The Journey?” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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