Prospecting Mastery – Pathetic vs. Intentional Invites

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery – Pathetic vs. Intentional Invites
  • Why Most People Fail To Get Their Business Moving
  • The ONE THING Which Effortlessly Drives New Business

Prospecting Mastery – Pathetic vs. Intentional Invites

Let’s talk about inviting. Inviting is a must-have skill if you want to grow a strong and healthy network marketing business. Pay close attention to this training because you’ll see the ONE THING needed to get more invites for your products and services. If you’ve ever thought to yourself…“Why is no one joining my business? ”Or…“Why are people not taking me seriously?” This training is for you! You can start using this today and SEEING RESULTS! Let’s get started, my fearless networker.

Why Most People Fail To Get Their Business Moving

Most people are not getting their business moving because they haven’t mastered the invite yet. They’re using what I call the “pathetic” invite, killing their business without them knowing. Let me give you an example. Example #1: (Pathetic)A non-committed person comes into our business and says something like… “I’m going to try this out.” They go and start talking to their warm market, saying something like…“I’m testing something out; let me know what you think?” Their invite is very pathetic, passive, and weak. I highly recommend you DO NOT do this. Prospecting friends and asking for their opinion and what they think is not a good strategy. Why? Because no one is going to follow someone who lacks commitment. Inviting people this way shows them you’re unsure of what you’re doing. Let me show you…

The ONE THING Which Effortlessly Drives New Business

The ONE THING you must have when inviting people is ENERGY! You must speak with confidence, conviction, and certainty. Let me give you an example “Intentional” invite. Example #2: (Intentional)“Hey John, I just launched a new business, and I’m super fired up about what I’m doing… you need to see this!” Look at the massive difference between my 1st example and my 2nd example. If you want more people showing up for your presentations, go all in and be intentional with all your invites. Doing this means knowing your invite script cold. Practicing it daily, over and over again, until it becomes second nature to you. I have a few resources to help you with your script. Resource #1: My Fearless Networking Book. Go here: Resource #2: My Little Black Book of Scripts. Go here: This episode, #186, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery – Pathetic vs. Intentional Invites.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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