Make Money By Giving

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Make Money by Giving?

This might be a little tough to understand or “swallow” if you aren't yet making much money, or feel you have very little to give.  After all…how can I give anything if I really don't have anything?

There is so much more to GIVE that ultimately puts you on the receiving end…and it doesn't have to be money you're giving.  Your end result may certainly be that you actually make money by giving, but the giving doesn't have to be money.

I just landed back in the USA after being on a speaking tour for the past 19 days, that began in South Africa.  It wrapped up with a week doing multiple events in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.  What an fantastic journey it was!

Here's the thing.  Everywhere I go to speak, I meet amazing and incredibly generous people.  There's something to be said about giving…and again, it doesn't have anything to do with money.  In fact…watch this quick video I shot while driving a 4-wheeler around my friend's snowy property.

Here's what I want you to do.  Think about things that you have at your disposal that you can actually GIVE to others.

Write out a list of two or three things that you have access to in your life, that if you gave them to another, would assist them in some way.  EVERYONE has something to give, even when they at first glance think they have nothing.

Once you get clear on this, your giving can ultimately turn into money…and other riches in your life.

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