MLM Leads: Live Dialing

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MLM Leads:  Live Dialing Sessions

Sometimes on my Monday Night Calls I do Live Dialing Sessions.  The purpose of those is pretty straightforward…to have you listen in as I make REAL calls to REAL people, so you can learn from it.  There's something pretty powerful about listening in on someone actually doing a presentation or making a call…more so than a simple “role play”.

These live dialing sessions tend to be pretty popular.  In fact, I regularly have 600 to 1000+ people dial into to listen.

On a recent session, I had some chats that received “mixed” feedback from my audience.  Some felt I exercised an awful lot of patience, and others thought it was a super call.

I have my reasons for doing what I do…and while I'm not always right, I'm right more often than I am wrong when it comes to using my judgment in recruiting for a network marketing business.

I thought I'd share a bit more with you on that experience.

I also got a TON of people who were pretty excited about the quality of the people I was getting on the phone, and asking “where did you get those leads?”  I got them from

The leads I happened to be working that evening were their Interviewed Leads.

Anyhow…here's a bit more of an explanation as to why I'm willing to SLOW DOWN a bit and exercise patience while prospecting:

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