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Yes.  You can make money fast in network marketing.  But, before I get too deep into this post, let’s talk about relativity. What’s interesting is that our naysayers accuse of being a “get rich quick scheme”, when in all reality, it is definitely NOT get rich quick. In fact…if you’ve been in network marketing for any period of time, you’ve already come to the realization that it isn’t typically lightning fast.

Having said that…I do believe there are a number of things you can do that will speed up or accelerate your pathway to success in this business.  YOU control the SPEED at which your business grows.  So…if you want to make money fast in network marketing, you certainly can do it.

I have a formula for success that I teach during my training events that I turned into an acronym regarding the creation of success in this business.

My Success Formula:  M.A.S.S

M.A.S.S. stands for Mindset + Action + Skillset = Success.

Your success, and the speed at which you acquire it has everything to do with that formula. Your head has to be in the right spot. You’ve got to do the right kind of actions and activities on a regular basis, AND you must work on acquiring and developing specific skills in order for you to advance your growth in this profession.

So…if you’d rather go faster than slower, here are some things you can do that will impact how fast your business grows.

Please understand that this list of items is not in any particular order of importance or priority, they’re all things you can do that have a direct impact on how big and fast your business grows.

18 Proven, Field-Tested Ways to Make Money Fast in Network Marketing

#1: Pick ONE Company.

You shouldn't be building multiple deals, regardless of how fast you want to grow.

FOCUS is crucial to success. Singular, laser-focus is necessary for achieving true success in anything. Let me put it to you this way. I’ve been in this profession for an extremely long time and don’t personally know more than two people that make a multiple six-figure income building more than one company.  Pick your horse and ride it into the sunset.

#2: You have to operate in a BELIEF state to consistently attract people.

I say this on every stage I speak on all over the world. It’s impossible to sell something that you don’t personally believe in yourself.  So…work on it.  Get yourself into the mind space where you have a true conviction, where you OWN the fact that you are in network marketing and proud to be doing it. So many people are running around the planet involved in network marketing, but operate from a state of doubt. The moment you change from doubt to belief, your business will change.

#3: Immerse yourself in Success.

The more time you surround yourself with supportive, uplifting and positive people, the better your overall mindset will be toward this business. It’s pretty simple really. Hang out with driven, motivated and positive people and they’ll rub off on you. Do the opposite, and that stuff rubs off on you as well. Choose who you spend most of your free time with outside of your personal family time. It will alter your consciousness in a major way.

#4: Your attitude impacts your altitude.

I know that might sound a bit cliché, but it’s also very true. How you choose to respond to different circumstances and situations in your life is a determining factor in how far you get ahead in life. Be very, VERY aware of how you treat people and how you respond and react to situations in your business. Everyone is watching you. What do you want them to see?

#5: Soak and Apply.

Too often, I see people attend events, read books or listen to powerful training material and do nothing with it. Make it your point from now on to take information and APPLY it into your business. What’s the point in reading a great book or attending an event if you don’t take that information and immediately use it to make you money? Knowledge is nothing unless it’s used.  Act on stuff you learn immediately!

#6: Practice More.

I said this on a recent video post and it was based on my observations of speaking all over the world. Very few people in this business practice enough, yet they wonder why they aren’t good or getting good results. They expect greatness from mediocre actions. Wanna get good? Really, really good? Then start building practice into everything you do. All of your trainings, and everything you teach people should include more than simply stage or speaking from the podium time. You want to break people up into small groups and get them working on their skills, role playing things like engaging new prospects in conversation, giving presentations, and signing up people. The pros practice…it’s what makes them pro. How come so few people take the time to practice in this business? Let’s change it. Practice builds competence. Put more of it into your trainings and you'll be more likely to make money fast in network marketing.

#7: Check yourself before you Wreck yourself.

Here’s what I mean. You don’t have a job here. This is a volunteer sport. Your sponsor isn’t going to do it for you. They aren’t there to look over your shoulder and make sure you work your business. You are self-employed, and it requires an extremely high level of personal accountability.

So…how do you check yourself before you wreck yourself? You conduct self-checks. That means you TRACK your numbers. How many new people do you talk to each day? Take the time to track it. Zero isn’t a good number. If you’ve ever seen me speak before, you’ve seen my “draw a box” exercise. Draw a box. Write in the number of new people you’ve talked to in the past 24 hours about your business. Do that every single day and you’ll have the kind of feedback you need to know whether you are in the game or treating it like a hobby.

#8: Do what makes you money most of the time.

It’s pretty easy to get into “busy” activities that don’t actually make you any money at all. Your days can pass by very quickly without doing anything productive. Bottom line. The only thing that makes you money is presenting, prospecting, exposure. That’s what counts. If you aren’t spending almost all of your time doing presentations and reaching out to people about your product or business, they you aren’t really doing the right activities to help you speed up the process of becoming successful.

#9: Know where you are Going.

I know some of this may seem “common sense”, but I’ve found that it really isn’t all that common anymore. You need to know exactly how far you are to your next rank advancement. Are you crystal clear with what exactly needs to happen in order for you to get to your next rank? Do you know what’s necessary in order to keep that rank? Success doesn’t come quickly by accident. Make sure you build your business on purpose by knowing exactly what it takes for you to rise through the ranks of your compensation plan.

#10: Look for Pockets of Activity.

One of the most powerful things you can do is scour your downline, your genealogy report for doers. Look for people in your group, no matter where they are, however deep they exist in your group…and connect with them. These are your assets. Lock arms with them. Call them and introduce yourself. Offer your assistance. Look for the builders, no matter where they are on your team and HELP them. Don’t chase down the people that are doing nothing. Look for the people that are doing something and help them turn that something into something BIG.

#11: Make Room for it.

You can’t succeed in a business that you haven’t set time aside for building it. It’s not going to organically happen. If you are new to this business, you have to look at your schedule.   What can you give up or postpone? We’re all busy and our schedules are full. What things exist in your schedule that are negotiable…meaning NOT necessary. Replace the unnecessary activities with business building.

#12: Recognize even the Smallest of Accomplishments.

All network marketing companies recognize people for achievements and rank advancements. Don’t forget that YOU hold the reigns to the success of your personal team. Be sure to take the time to both publicly and privately recognize and praise people for even the simplest and smallest of accomplishments. Complimenting someone and making a big deal of them doing something, even something small like making a product sale, can do a great job in keeping them motivated and moving forward.

#13: Be focused on people, not money.

The more you can move yourself into the zone of truly caring about people and being a solution provider, rather than someone who is looking to “sign someone up” into their business, the quicker you will grow. The money comes when you focus on people’s needs, wants and desires, not yours. I know you want success…and you want it quickly, but only happens you change the focus from you to them.

#14: Ask more.

Silly…I know. But, true. The more you ask, the more you get. The habit of asking questions, being inquisitive, and seeking answers, puts you in the position of acquisition. What is it that you acquire by asking? Lots. Start asking more and you’ll see what I mean. Remember…you’ve heard it. Ask and ye shall receive. It’s not in the Bible and one of the most widely discussed and popular phrases for no good reason.

#15: Learn from your Mistakes.

We all make mistakes. I know…I do it all the time. Still! But…I learn from them and do my best not to repeat the things that don’t work for me. Be cognizant of the things you do that work well and those that don’t. Remember this. Repeat what works. Delete what doesn’t.

#16: Be the Person where people say, “There’s something about that guy/girl!”

Here’s what I mean. Do you want people talking about you behind your back about how flaky, lame, mean, negative or irresponsible you are?? Of course not!! Then…don’t be that person. Instead be this.   Be the person who ALWAYS does an exceptional job, goes the extra mile, is incredibly nice to people, giving, trustworthy, totally reliable and one that can always be counted on to do the RIGHT thing. Do that…your business will soar.

#17: Drive a culture of customer acquisition and retention.

I don’t care what product or service you market. The only way to lasting wealth in this business is by gathering customers. YES, you need distributors…and lots of them. But, you need distributors that ALL understand the utter importance of customer acquisition. Our entire industry needs this shift. We need to move to more of a model that is based on customer acquisition, not just singing up distributors. Gone are the days of distributor-only consumption as a successful model in network marketing. Regulators hate it…and you should too. The good news is this. Some of your best distributors will come from having first been a happy and satisfied customer that fell in love with your product or service.

#18: Compress it.

If you really want to go super fast, then you have to stop dilly-dallying and get down to business. I know you know what that looks like, so I’m not going to explain that do you in detail. Work every day as if you were going on vacation tomorrow. You get my point clearly. Work fast, get more done, success comes faster…period.

It's your choice how big, and how fast you grow.  You control it.  Take charge of your decisions and your actions and don't wait for something to happen.  MAKE it happen.  The 18 points I just shared with you are all controllable points that you can either act on, or blow off.  Your choice.

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