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Network Marketing Prospecting Success:  It's in the Numbers!

I talk all the time about how people need to get their activity levels up in order to succeed.  Exposure matters.  If you've seen me on stage, you've likely heard me talk about “drawing a box” and putting a number in it.  End your day by putting in the number of NEW people that you talked to that day about your business.

drawboxZero isn't a good number.  My phrase that goes along with that box is this:  “Double Digits a Day Keep the Commission Checks on their Way!”  In other words…you need to get your numbers up, and do it consistently if you expect to see success in this profession.

Do you have to talk to 10 people every single day in order to succeed?  Absolutely not!  But…we do need to make sure that we're consistently putting numbers up on the board.

In this video, I give you some very simple advice on making money in this business without breaking your back.  In fact…the amount of network marketing prospecting I'm talking about is so incredibly minimal in this example, you'll know you can do this.

One of the very last companies I built had over 15,000 people in that group and it was built on “shoestring” hours.  I literally worked it less than part-time…probably two to three hours a week maximum.  BUT…my efforts were consistent and daily.

If you are struggling to act, to move…and find yourself doing virtually nothing, you are going to love what I am sharing in this 2-minute video on creating network marketing prospecting success.  In fact…it's so easy, anyone can do it.

When you do this…the compound effect of the very minimal effort can, over time, create an amazing amount of success for you.  Of course, sticking to the minimums isn't ideal.  But, perhaps this is the ticket to actually get you moving and into some kind of consistent action.

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