Mark Yarnell: The Real Truth

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As you are probably well aware, I have been interviewing quite a few people lately and putting those interviews up on my podcasting section.


Last week, I took the time to interview Mark Yarnell, who is well-known as being a long, long-termer (not to make him sound old) in the Networking profession.

He wrote the book:  “Your First Year in Network Marketing“.  He co-taught what was the only US-based accredited course on Network Marketing with Dr. Charles King at the University of Illinois in Chicago, has spoken on the podium globally and has simply had a very long and successful career in this profession.

I heard about him many, many years ago.  In fact, I remember a time when I wasn't really making ANY money in my business, heard about this incredible successful guy named “Mark Yarnell” and wondered…”Will I ever meet this guy?  And…if I do, what would I say to him?

Well…to make a long story short, it was long after that (after I had achieved a fairly high level of success) where I actually DID meet Mark.  In fact, I met him at a Mexican Restaraunt in Hollister, California where HE had actually flown out to meet ME and see ME.  Wow!  What a trip that was.

Mark Yarnell is flying to California to meet me?  What?”

I remember being a bit nervous, but moreso excited about the chance to sit down and talk with him.

The result of that meeting was that I ended up working with him for several years in a company together and we became friends.  Both of us love to fish, we both love  thrill seeking, and both have a passion for this profession.

While we don't speak to each other day or even every week, we are still good friends.  And, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him because I know the real Mark Yarnell on a personal level.

So…here's my point.  I called him a week ago, told him that I wanted to do an interview with him for the purpose of my listeners and readers (you) having an opportunity to hear the REAL STORY about Mark Yarnell.

Ciao!  Todd

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