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What are your Million Dollar Habits?

This is the last post of the year for me.  I'm very excited about the coming New Year and all that it will bring!  Getting ready for my hike this morning, I threw the camera on and did this quick video related to a Facebook thread on Million Dollar Habits

This is the perfect time of the year to be thinking about things that work for us that we want to do more of, as well as the things that don't serve us well and we need to do less of.

Remember…success is finding stuff that works and repeating it.  Repeat what works, delete what doesn't.

This is a FANTASTIC list of habits that were shared on my Facebook wall a few days ago.

What can you add to this list??  I can't imagine NOT having an incredibly BOOMING business if we applied all of these great habits to our life.

Seriously.  Watch this quick video.  Think to yourself…what can I add to this list to serve me well in the coming year??

Happy New Year everyone!  See you in next Year!

What do you consider a Million Dollar Habit in your life?

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