MLM Leadership Tip: When People Leave your Team

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Let me give you some simple MLM Leadership advice here.  People come and people go.  The reality is this…not everyone stays put.

The BIG question for you is this.

What's the right way to handle someone leaving your team and going some place else?

When it comes to MLM Leadership…you're going to be faced with lots of different scenarios in your career where you are forced to make a decision.

Do you battle your emotions and fly off the handle, or take the highest road possible and make a better decision for your long-term growth?

It's never easy when someone leaves and goes to another company.  It's heart wrenching sometimes.  Even worse, when it's your brother, your sister, your mom…or your best friend since 2nd grade that chooses to up and split to another deal.

My MLM Leadership Tip of the Day is this.

“Love 'em on the way in, and love 'em on the way out!”

If you choose to NOT do this…and you flame them on Facebook, send them hate mail, call all their buddies and say what an ass the guy was for leaving you…he ain't EVER coming back.

Now…I fully understand that sometimes when people leave, they aren't so nice about it and often cause a lot of drama.  That still doesn't mean that you have to stoop to their level.  Take the high road my friend.

Be cool.  Be calm.  Be super sweet.  Be kind.

“Hey John….brother man.  If you feel like company X is a better choice for you, then have at it!  You've gotta do whatever you feel is right for your family.  Who am I to get in the way of what you feel is best for you.  Just know…that if you ever decide to come back, we'll welcome you with open arms.”

You see how handling it in that manner might change the future outcome if they DO realize they made the wrong decision and want to come back?

If you hate on them…they ain't ever coming back.


Love 'em in, love 'em out.

It hard sometimes to take that road less traveled.  The high road isn't always easy, but it's better.

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