Real Network Marketing Leaders Never Do This

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Real network marketing leaders always take the HIGH ROAD.  It's what leaders do.  Sometimes as network marketing leaders, we are forced to make tough decisions…grappling often between our emotions and logic.
Here's the deal.  Real network marketing leaders…if and when they leave a company to go somewhere else, they never “trash talk” the previous company.  Think about this for a second.

How stupid to you look when you talk smack about a company you just spent the past three or five or ten years with promoting and touting as “an amazing product or opportunity”…only to turn around and crap on the thing you thought was so good.

Look.  I fully realize things change.  You may have become disenchanted with the corporate decisions, politics in the field, change in product ingredients, comp plan changes…or any number of things.  I get it.  I've been in that position multiple times as a network marketing leader.  But…you can always leave and do so in as peaceful a manner as possible.

Network marketing leaders leaving any company stirs up drama, fear and all sorts of other feelings for everyone involved.  It's typically never a fun situation…however, it blows over more quickly than you might realize.

If things are not what they were before, or what you thought they'd be…and you feel the need to make a move…it's so much better to do so with integrity.

If the company you're leaving lost integrity, that doesn't mean you need to as well.
If you're upline leader is an absolute ass, you don't need to replicate it.

People on the outside looking in…those who are witness to the “trash talking of that thing you once loved just yesterday”…they can see through that.  It's not attractive.  It's not a good quality.

Here's my advice to you if you ever feel the need to leave a company and go someplace else…and you find yourself in the position of having to explain it to someone.

Rather than saying, “They suck.  They're awful.  Blah blah blah…”

Do this instead, “John…if you're asking why I left, the answer is simple.  It isn't the same company that I signed up for.  They've made some changes that don't align with my values, and I felt I needed to make a move that better served the direction I'm heading in life.”

It doesn't need to be exactly like that.  My point is that it's not necessary to denigrate someone or something to excel in your life.

You can very easily take the HIGH road….and it is for sure the road less traveled.  Stooping down is easy.  Keeping your chin up and being mature about something is often the harder way.

Let's let the ‘other' person be the one who stoops low, not us.

Stay strong my friends.

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