MLM Prospecting: How to Address the word “Try”

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MLM Prospecting Tip:  How to Deal with People who Say “I'll Give it a Shot” or “Try this”

When it comes to prospecting in network marketing,  a lot of times people feel like they are walking on thin ice with their prospects and even their distributors…worried about scary them away from the opportunity if they are too “firm” with them.

While you are not anyone's boss in this business, and you never will be, when it comes to MLM Prospecting, it doesn't mean that you have to act meek and shy when it comes to their commitment to building a business.

You will likely be investing quite a bit of your time helping this new person get up and running to become successful.  So…if during your MLM prospecting efforts, they tell you something like, “Yea…I think I'll give this thing a shot”, it's more than ok to challenge them and see what they really mean by “giving it a shot”.

When I hear “I'll give it a shot” in my prospecting efforts, I hear someone saying, “Yea…I'll try this for a little while and probably be quitting here in the near future.”

So…I challenge them.  I'm not afraid to scare someone away from joining if they're not going to make a commitment to being successful.  Why mentor someone if they already have an exit strategy?

You'll see one of the things I do in my MLM Prospecting efforts when you watch the video…

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