Why People Won’t Do Business with You

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13 Reasons Why People Won't Do Business with You

I'm going to be very, very blunt in this post.  If you want to have network marketing success…real and LASTING success, you need to take to heart what I'm sharing with you in this post.  It's critical for you to understand exactly why people won't do business with you.

Some of you reading this may get really angry with what I'm going to say, but it needs to be said.  There are FAR too many people in network marketing that aren't doing squat in their production, and that needs to change…STAT!

I've spent 26 years doing network marketing.  That's a very LONG time, and more than plenty of opportunity to get a good solid look at what works and what doesn't in this business.  My viewpoint is based on an extremely long career of working with people and seeing firsthand why so many people NEVER grow their business.

There are a number of reasons why people do not buy from you, join you, do business with you, or follow you.  And, there are some very simple, FIXABLE reasons why people never do any business at all.

Let's see if any of these fit your situation…so you have a keen sense of awareness about it, and then do something to change it…NOW.  There is no reason to be in this profession and not succeed.  NONE.  If you want to have network marketing success, you need to get a handle on this stuff.

In the list below, I use the words YOU, You're and Your in every item.  Don't get mad at me if one or more of these fits you.  Instead, get FED UP with it…and DO SOMETHING about it.  I'm simply providing a very realistic look at what I see happening every single day with people in this profession.  And…these reasons are exactly why people won't do business with you.

Yes…the reasons below are direct, and actually quite negative.  But…it's the negativity that is driving people's businesses to failure.  So…there's simply no way of making this post impactful by doing it in reverse.

13 Reasons Why People Won't Do Business with You

#1:  Your Attitude Stinks.  It's a fact that anyone with a bad attitude, a tendency toward the negative…makes people run from you.  A nasty, negative attitude will never serve you.  People are attracted to positivity.  Your attitude is a choice.  It's a decision.  We're all emotional and can be impacted by things that happen in our lives…but in order to get people to want to do business with you, you've got to do the “check up from the neck up”, as they say.

Think for a second.  Do you love hanging out with negative people?  Of course you don't. Watch your attitude.  The more positive you are, the better you're going to be.  There's a great book that I just read called “The Positive Dog”.  Read it.

#2:  You're not Doing Jack.  It's an absolute fact that lots of people LIE to themselves.  I cannot tell you how many people call themselves failures, but the reality is…they aren't doing ANYTHING.  You can't make sales or recruit distributors by doing nothing.  This is one of the major causes of failure for people in this business.  And, it's not that they failed…it's that they never really did a damn thing to grow their business.  Get to work.  You cannot have network marketing success without it.  A HUGE reason why people won't do business with you.

#3:  You're Always Changing your Mind.  People only follow those that are consistent.  When you constantly change your mind, people run from you.  You're in one company this week.  Next week you're on to the next greatest thing.  Then, the next.  STAY PUT.  More people will follow you and do business with you because they see that you have made a DECISION.

#4:  You're a Flake.  You tell someone you're going to do something, then you don't do it.  If you say you're going to follow up, follow up.  If you make a promise…you follow through.   Remember this….”a promise made, is a debt unpaid.”  Live it.  Again…this is a simple fix.  Change your ways.  Do as you say…and then some.  Guess what will happen when you do that?  Your business will soar.  Why?  Because people will begin to see you as a responsible person who always follows through on the things they SAY they're going to do.

#5:  Your Self-Talk is Weak and Pathetic.  I just read an amazing book about top performing athletes.  Your visualization process…what you say to yourself, has everything to do with your success.  The golfer who pulls up to the hole where they need to hit their ball over the water who goes into their bag and grabs an old used ball prior to teeing off, saying to themselves, “I hope I don't hit it in the water” will absolutely do just that…hit the ball in the water.  Instead…the self talk should be “I'm going to put this ball ten feet left of the pin and on the green.”  Even if you don't play golf, you get the point.  WATCH what you say to yourself…because if it is constantly negative, then only negative things are going to happen for you.  That is FACT.  Unsuccessful people think that positive self-talk and visualization is mumbo jumbo…which is a key reason they do not succeed.

#6:  You Only Call When you Want Something.  I did a post about this a few months ago.  If the only time you call someone is when you want something from them, you're seen as a taker.  You need to make sure you stay in contact with people you know…not just when you want to sell them something or ask them to join your business.  Remember again…you cannot make a withdrawal from an account where you've made no deposits.  Make regular deposits in the live's of the people you know by staying in contact with them.   Reach out, say HI…stay in touch.  They'll be more likely to respond favorably to your message when you do that.

#7:  You Don't Ask for the Business.  You can't succeed without asking.  If you're married, it didn't happen spontaneously.  Someone had to POP the question.  Are you asking for the business?  If not…it's time to change. The time is now for you to get to the end of your presentation and ASK THEM to try your products, sample your products, become a customer or join you in your business.  People don't sign up or join you unless you have some type of CALL TO ACTION at the tail end of your presentation.

#8:  You're a Victim.  I cannot believe how many people in this world lay on their backs, saying “Whoa is me.  Life has dished me a bad deal.  I'm living a lemon life.”  We all have to take responsibility for our decisions and our actions.  Figuratively lying on your back in a hopeless position thinking someone is going to come along and save you isn't going to work.  Put your bootstraps on, get up and start taking care of yourself.  There's no room for victims on the road to success.

#9:  You're Lazy.  Some people are just plain lazy.  Hard work pays.  And…it pays BIG dividends.  You don't even have to be very good if you work hard.  YES, you need to work on your skills and getting better.  But…flat out busting it pays off.  How's your work ethic?  Success, significance doesn't happen through insignificant efforts.  I don't know who said this, but it's true, “The harder you work, the luckier you get!”

#10:  Your Skills are Lacking.  I used to be pathetic at recruiting…and now I'm one of the top recruiting coaches in the profession.  If you're lacking in skills, it's time to work on improving them.  If you know you are lacking in your skills, let me ask you this.  How much time are you investing on improving them?  It's certainly not going to happen on accident.  The more skilled you are, the better result you're going to get…especially whn you combine it with busting your butt and putting some sweat equity into your business.

#11:  You Never Finish What you Start.  Quitting gets you nowhere.  You already know that thought, don't you?  Whatever you start, finish it.  See it through to completion.  How many times have you heard that “Quitting is not an option”?  Probably too many to count.  If you've heard that…and you believe it to be true, then why even bring that into consideration?  The moment you quit, you're done.  I told you this post was blunt. You've got to step up your game and not give up on yourself.  I felt like quitting many times in my career.  I've been unbelievably frustrated…but I never gave up.  Don't give up on yourself.  Get to the finish line.

#12:  Your Lack of Commitment Shows.  If you're hot one day and cold the next, people can see that.  You're on, your off.  Up.  Down.  Who wants to follow that?  No one is going to attach themselves to a person who can't stay on task.  Put your head down, your blinders on and stay at it.  I know.  This whole post is such an epiphany, isn't it?  No…it isn't.  It's simple, common-sense basics.

#13:  You're Desperate and They Know it.  I suffered through this issue for a very long time.  I had no money, no success, no background of any kind…and I was living in debt and barely getting by.  Every cell in my body communicated that to my prospects, and it's exactly why they never joined.  Would you act desperate if you were making $20,000 a month?  I doubt it.  How would you act?  Would it be different than you do now?  If so…then simply ACT differently.  You don't need to SHOW your desperation, even IF you don't know if you're going to be able to pay next month's rent.  Hide it.  Put it in the closet, lock it in there, and don't let it ever come out again.  It doesn't serve you.

You Feeling Anger and Pain?

If you're angry, that's good.  If any of these reasons point directly at you…perfect. Now you know what needs changing for change to occur in your life.

Sometimes a little tough lovin' is the only thing that will get someone moving.  I love doing super positive blog posts…but given the nature of this conversation, it's better to look at it this way.

I purposefully wrote it so that you will FEEL the pain.  The more salt you put into that wound, the more pain you feel, the more you'll want to avoid it by making change.

So…what do YOU Think?

How many times have you seen someone sabotage their business or their career for something foolish and so easily fixed?  None of those 13 reasons are so hard to surmount.  Not a one.  Curious to hear from you.

What do you think?  You see this as much as I do?  I look down that list and I'm guilty as charged on several counts.  But…I recognized the problem and acted differently.  It's literally that simple.  Give me your comments and feedback.  I really want to hear your thoughts on this..

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