MLM Success in 3 Easy Steps

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Three Very Easy Steps to MLM Success

I realize the simplicity of this post is likely to irritate a few people.  I know it would certainly piss me off if
someone said that to me knowing I was in the midst of struggling.  I'd be almost likely to call that person up
and tell them how I felt about them posting such nonsense!  MLM Success?  Easy?  What planet are you from?

I started in network marketing 23 years ago and MLM Success was NOT easy for me.  In fact, there were
many times in my first couple of years that I would literally break down in tears and say, “God.  Why not me?
How come it's happening for other people and not happening for me?  I'm working hard and busting my
tail.  Don't I deserve success too?”

I have a dear friend of mine, Susan Sly, who is an incredibly successful person in our profession who I had
the chance of interviewing fairly recently, and during that interview she said, “When people hear about
success stories in our business, they typically only hear the glory and not the story.”

So true.  You see people being paraded across the stage, winning awards, making big checks, and living this
amazing lifestyle, things that most of us certainly want to attain in our lives, but that is only a “snapshot” of
now.  You don't ever really get to know the entire story behind how they got there. 

How to Make MLM Success is Easy:  Step One

The first step is by telling yourself that it's easy.  If all you do is tell yourself how hard it is, then that's exactly
what it's going to be:  hard.  It won't be easy for you.  I'm not saying at all that it doesn't require “hard” work,
but there's a difference between MLM Success being hard and you working hard at becoming a success. 

If we take it down to bare bones, the way you make money in network marketing is by talking to people and
sharing whatever product or service it is that you're selling.  And of course, talking to people about the
opportunity that your company represents, and how they can participate in it if they choose to. 

Instead of grinding in your mind about how challenging, frustrating, and difficult it is, decide to be make
different choices.  I used to tell myself that it was hard.  And…guess what?  It was.  Once I eliminated that
language both internally and externally, it became easier. 

Think about this for a moment.  If all you do is tell yourself that “you can't”, then your wish will come true.
In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, the first chapter talks about thought.  Thoughts are things.  What you
THINK about, you bring about.  The power of thought itself is almost inconceivable. 

You can likely think about things right now, or think about times when you had a thought and that thought
was so powerful, that what you were thinking about began to actually happen. 

This isn't some strange coincidence.  The mind is an amazingly powerful thing.  It can play tricks on you,
both good and bad.  So, if it is good things that you want to happen in your life, filling your mind with
positive thought can be a powerful precursor to positive things in your life. 

Step One in creating MLM Success and making that success come easily is telling yourself that it is so.

How to Make MLM Success Easy:  Step Two

The second step in making your success easy is by making the conscious decision to get better and acting
upon that decision.  You're not stuck unless you decide to be.  Decisions are powerful as well. 

Your DECISION to seek out answers and knowledge is something you have full control over.  You can decide to sit on the couch and watch tv or instead decide to further your knowledge as it relates to making money in this business. 

The good news for all of us is that what we do every day in this business is stuff that can be learned.  I didn't
know jack squat about making money in network marketing when I came in.  I was 22 years old and fresh
out of college.  The only thing I learned in school about network marketing was in one chapter of one
book…and all it provided was a definition of what it was.  And…at that time, I didn't even pay attention
to THAT.  I vaguely recall seeing words in some textbook describing in one paragraph what it was, but
you certainly can't call that an education in this profession. 

I got good and network marketing became easy for me because I was willing to learn it.  I learned how to
prospect, recruit, sponsor, sell, lead, build rapport, overcome objections, close, market, and advertise by
studying all that stuff. 

I'm still learning every single day.  Yes.  23 years into this business and I'm still studying.  In fact, I spent
nearly three hours this evening going through someone's marketing material studying the copy, the words,
the calls to action…ALL of it, simply to see HOW what this guy was doing was working.  I wasn't reading a
book tonight, I was studying someone's marketing material.  A lot can be learned by studying not only
from books, audio and video programs, but also from the marketing people do in the field. 

Reading someone's newsletter or blog or watching the way they act and do things can be powerful learning
tools that are certainly outside of the scope of what most people might consider a standard education in
network marketing success. 

Learn from everywhere.  Study people.  Study success.  Learn from your mistakes.  Learn from your
successes.  Remember what works and eliminate what doesn't. 

How to Make MLM Success Easy:  Step Three

You can't win a game by watching.  The third step in creating MLM Success is by taking action.  If all you do
is sit on the sidelines, or all you do is study, but never APPLY, it will never get easy for you. 

I used to tremble when prospecting.  My stomach would tie up in knots.  Butterflies…you know that feeling,
they overwhelmed me when I first began.  But guess what?  And you know this.  You KNOW this. 

If you put yourself into a position of ACTION, whatever that action is becomes easier.  Sure…the first time
it's hard and perhaps you feel like you might even die doing it.  The second, the third, and the fourth time
may seem incredibly challenging as well.  But…if you continue to move IN SPITE of the feelings you are
having, it will continue to get easier and easier each time you do it. 

Take yourself outside of the context of network marketing for a moment and think about things that you
now do that are incredibly EASY for you that were once difficult.  What changed? 

You likely told yourself “I can do this”, followed perhaps by seeking out answers to making whatever that
was easier, culminating with you actually doing it until that act became easy. 

Typing was once hard for me.  Finger pecking my way along.
Skiing was hard until I got onto skis and did it over and over again.
Driving a car was once hard for me.
Tying my shoes was a challenge at one time.
I didn't used to be able to swim.  Now it's easy.
I couldn't ride a bike.
I couldn't put a worm on a hook or cast my rod with any accuracy.
I couldn't find my way around the new town I was living in. 
I couldn't read.
I couldn't cut my own food. 

Are you beginning to understand?  Things we do every single day of our lives that we now take for granted
and do literally unconsciously, were at one time a challenge for all of us.  Now…we just do them.

Yes.  MLM Success can be easy for you.  You can get this business to a point of unconscious competencejust like you tie your shoes in the morning. 

Follow these steps.  MLM Success is yours for the taking.

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