What Do Roses Smell Like?

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In this crazy, busy world we all live in, sometimes we get so caught up in all the
nuttiness that is going on that we forget to stop and smell the roses of life, and take in all the beautiful things around us. 

With your work schedule, keeping up with your kids, running errands, keeping
your house up, your yard up to par, paying your bills on time, and the myriad of
other things that eat up our time, it can be challenging sometimes to soak in all
the great things we have around us.

Life is simply too short to take the simple things for granted.  Like the amazing smile of your kids.  My boys light me up inside and out.  If I were on my deathbed today, what would I regret more…the fact that I didn't work hard enough or make enough money, or whether I spent enough quality time with these two amazing
boys?  I look at my children and am inspired…to be more, to be a better father, and to make whatever
positive impact I can on their lives.  No…I don't think I'd regret at all if I didn't work hard enough in my life,
although I value my business and what I do in it each and every day.

Meet Gianni and Joey.  These are my two boys.  Gianni
is just like his daddy in many ways…a lot goofy and
a handful for sure.  Joe is like me as well.  He's quite
serious sometimes and loves to love. 

These two guys keep me moving.  Thank goodness for
me being able to work and home and actually SEE and
experience them growing up, rather than wake up one
day to find them all grown up.  Where did the time go?

I remember stopping one day as I was surfing at Carmel Beach while living on the Monterey Peninsula,
unquestionably one of the most beautiful parts of the California coastline.  As I sat in the water, with the
crystal clear cold water and the blazing white sand below me, I looked around and took it all in.  The sun
nearly setting over the Pacific Ocean, the colors changing, the cliffs leading up to Pebble Beach Golf Course, the Cypress trees, the sand…all of it.  And thought to myself, “God.  What a beautiful place you've created right here.  Thank you for this amazing view.”

But…it wasn't every day that I stopped even for a moment to take it all in.  Like
everyone else, my busy daily life and all that goes along with it, caused me to miss it.  There it was, right in front of me ALL the time, and I wasn't seeing it.  Sure, it was there all the time, but rarely did I take the time to pause, and take all of it in.

Some of life's greatest moments can come when you simply take the time to enjoy it. 
After all, in the grand scheme of things, we're not here very long. 

Your life…MY life, should be filled with great joys.  Something as simple as smile from your child, a kiss
from a loved one, or a beautiful sunset can be fulfilling if we allow ourselves to experience it. 

Living a rich life isn't all about money.  Rewards come in many ways.  While we all need money to survive
and thrive, it is oftentimes the “other” things that fill us up. 

Like this awe-inspiring ice sculpture I found on a recent Colorado ski trip.  This
place was AMAZING.  The naturally formed ice was created into a walk through
castle.  As I took the time to STOP and actually LOOK at it, it almost quite literally
took my breath away.  We drove by it three times before we stopped to take a look. 

I'm so thankful that I didn't just pass it by.  How many times in our lives to we
look back and regret NOT doing something as simple as this?  It only took a matter of minutes, but the experience was rich. 


I love sunsets.  Living in Seattle you don't see too many of them, they are often obscured by clouds.  The
sun sets on us every day, but how often do we take the time to sit back and actually enjoy that experience
either solo or with our friends?

I took this picture…and about 50 others as a friend of mine and I sat by the river
talking about our day of fishing and enjoying some great laughs fireside. 

As the sun began to set and the colors changed, we stood up and looked down
river literally gasping at the beauty that was unfolding before our very eyes. 

I'll remember this sunset for a lifetime.  One day.  One sunset.  One great time with one of my best friends and fishing buddies. 


On a recent trip to Hawaii where the whether certainly wasn't considered “typical”,
it rained every day.  My wife and I took a trip with friends to the west side of Oahu
and went to the end of the road. 

While driving back we stopped the car and my buddy Pat jumped out of the car
just to take this photo.  You see the contrast?  The aqua.  Another great moment
with friends experiencing something as simple as a wave breaking on the shore
as it does ALL day long, every day of the year. 


What's the purpose of all this I'm saying? 

Don't take the simple things in life for granted.  STOP and smell the roses.  Enjoy every life experience you
can, because you never know when it will be your last.

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