Network Marketing Distributor: Your First Priority

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New Network Marketing Distributor?

Your first priority for YOU if you're new is profit.  If you are the sponsor, the person who enrolled them into the business, your priority for them is profit.

I just did a video the other day on Customer Retention.  I figured I'd follow up with one on Distributor retention.  So much easier to keep a customer or distributor than go out and find a new one.  I mean…they're IN already, so why not keep them there?

I do believe we exercise a fair amount of control over what goes on within our organizations.  There ARE some actions you can take to help ensure your distributors stick around for the long haul.  In this newest video, I talk about how to keep your distributors on board and working.

So…what do you do if you're a new network marketing distributor…or bringing in a new one?  Your objective is very simple.  Get them in the black.  Help them profit.  Make the business a success…now.  The clock is ticking…

The one question you should be asking yourself after watching this video:

Am I focusing on working with and helping my new reps become profitable?

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