Why Customers Quit and How to Keep Them

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Why Do Customers Quit?

It's essential to know why customers quit…and how to keep them.  Do you know why the customers that stay on your products continue to consume or use them?  That would be good to know as well.

Your business depends on customers.  Repeat business creates residual income.  If you want to ensure yourself a stable and growing business, it's important that you learn to do things that help keep your customers on your product, and teach your distributors to do the same.

There is attrition in every business.  You can't win every time.  Some people simply won't stay on your products.  Why?  They don't like them.  They had a bad experience.  They're not using them.  They are outside of their budget.  There could be any number of reasons why people stop consuming your products or using the services you market.

However…you DO have a LOT of control over their experience.  And…because you have control, you can control the amount of people that STAY on your products each month.

In this video, I show you some very easy ways to go about keeping your customers.

Do yourself a favor.  Start finding out WHY your customers are quitting in your business.

I promise you that if you can identify the reasons why they stop using or consuming what you sell, you can at the very least have an understanding as to what is happening in your business and why.

For me…here's what I would do.  Any time I have a customer who quits, I'm going to ask them, “Is there any reason in particular you chose to stop using this product?”

You may or may not be able to save that particular customer…but at least you'll have an answer.

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