Network Marketing Leader Causes Entire Group to Collapse

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Network Marketing Leader Causes Entire Group to Collapse

We work so incredibly hard in the field to make something of our lives in network marketing.  The blood, sweat and tears people go through to build a big group is nothing to shake a stick at.  This business can be very hard work.  I know exactly how much effort it takes to grow a big business and sustain it.  And…I've seen many a network marketing leader who causes their entire group to collapse.

It's so unfortunate and unnecessary to have an entire group implode because of a leader's ego and their inability to work with others.  Your entire organization suffers when two or more leaders can't seem to get along and work with one another.

In this video, I talk about this very troubling issue, and how you can go about making it through a challenging time when this happens.

This is YOUR business.  Protect it like you do your children.  It's your livelihood.  You've worked very hard to grow it.  Don't let someone destroy it because of their immaturity or stupidity.

It takes guts to put your ego aside, humble yourself, and begin to create healing when damage has been done.  The result however of doing so will build your character and make you a better person because of it.

If you want to become a network marketing leader, it takes confidence.  Everyone has an ego.  We sell confidence in this business.  We talk about it in our trainings.  We teach it.  Confidence is crucial.  But…there is a very fine line between being super confident and becoming cocky or egotistical.  The moment a network marketing leader thinks he or she is better than or above everyone else, is the moment you have big problem on you hands.

I sincerely hope this video serves you well.

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