Do Network Marketing Events Grow your Business?

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Network Marketing EventsHow much of an impact does attending a network marketing event have on your business?  Most people would use words or phrases like:  major impact, mandatory, critical, or must do.

The impact a live event has on people in your organization is monstrous.  I can personally tell you that the very first event I ever attended did a HUGE job on locking in my beliefs and completely firing me up about taking my business seriously.

You will very likely hear that in network marketing, events drive your business.  In fact, you will repeatedly hear and be asked to attend events:  local, regional, national, and international.

Do you really need to attend them?  Do they actually grow your business?

In the short video above, I talk about the impact that events have made in my personal business life…and how much of an impact they can make in yours, and why.

I do fully realize that if you have been in network marketing for any period of time, this subject may be “old hat” to you, but for a brand new person, it isn't.  Let this serve as a powerful reminder of how important events are in growing you, and your network marketing business.

If attending an event has impacted your life in any way, please tell me about it below.

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