Network Marketing Testimonials: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

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Social Validation is one of the most POWERFUL INFLUENCERS you have at your disposal in network marketing…or anything else for that matter.

To put it as simply as possible, Social Proof is a type of conformity.  It VALIDATES their decision or potential decision to move forward and join.  It's confirmation for them.

When an individual sees others who are doing it, they are more likely to do it themselves.

Social Proof is a powerful influencer for an individual who attends their first national conference and realizes for the first time that there are thousands of people just like them involved in this business they are in.

The VERY FIRST SEMINAR I attended was Social Proof to me that network marketing was real.  It wasn't just “this guy” that introduced it to me and the small handful of others that I had met.  It was this WHOLE WORLD of people that were doing it.  It was confirmation for me.

Stories from others are proof.  Hearing the successes of others serves as proof or confirmation that we've made…or are about to make the right decision.

“Wow…look.  It worked for this other person.  Oh…and it's works for them too.  Maybe this is something I should do and it will work for me too!”

Stories from others.. especially when given as part of an overall presentation, whether in a live meeting, in a video, on audio…or any other format, are a VITAL PART of any successful business opportunity presentation.

I've purchased many products simply because someone told me a story.  The ingredients didn't matter, the facts didn't matter…the RESULTS are what mattered.  In a previous video, I talked about the importance of collecting stories and becoming a better story-teller.

Network Marketing Testimonials: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

You need to be incorporating both PRODUCT STORIES and BUSINESS SUCCESS STORIES into whatever presentations you are giving.

A good product story validates that the product or service being marketed is something that works.
A good business story helps people see and believe that if others are succeeding at it…especially when they perceive those “others” as being LIKE them, that the business can work for them too.

A BAD product story is mixed with exaggerations, lies or claims that cannot be substantiated.  Same thing for a BAD business story.

The UGLY one happens when you allow someone to hop on stage who doesn't know what they're doing, and they end up ruining the entire meeting.

One thing to keep in mind is the people telling the stories and how they can impact the outcome of your meetings or presentations.

A un-prepared team member who you allow on stage and says, “I love this product and you should join. This product is soooo amazing…and I love it.  It's the neatest thing I've ever seen.  You should really do this.  I mean…it's so good.  I love all the people and all the stuff. And….blah blah blah blah blah…”

That can ruin your meeting in two-seconds flat!  I've seen it far too many times to even count.  There's great energy in the room, the presentation is running smoothly…then a person gets up and rambles on and on and on and literally SUCKS the energy right out of the room!

Do NOT allow someone to give a product or business testimonial until they have proven to you that they can deliver it smoothly and in a timely fashion without rambling on and on.

My Simple Formula for Delivering a Quality Testimonial…

Hi…my name is (fill in the blank)

Prior to (taking this product or being in this business) I was…

Since having (experienced this product or been in this business),

And, the best part is…


“Hi…my name is Todd Falcone.  Prior to taking this product I was extremely lethargic and having to take naps every afternoon.  I literally had NO energy.  Since taking this product for the past 4 months, I've got more energy than I know what to do with, NEVER take naps, and find myself staying up past 10:00 every night and STILL having great energy the next day.  The best part is…I now have enough energy to play with my young kids, which is something I wasn't doing at all until taking this stuff.”

That testimony could easily be delivered in less than 60 seconds.  Never once did I suggest or say, “and you should try this” or “you should join us”.  The STORY does it for you!

Before you allow someone to give a testimonial ANYWHERE, have them practice it and PROVE to you FIRST that they are able to deliver a testimonial without rambling BEFORE you ever let them on stage!

A powerful product or business testimonial can be delivered in 60-seconds or less.  Someone rambling on stage for several minutes and urging people to join isn't what you want to do.  The testimonial should never include “and you should join”.  The testimonial ITSELF will cause the person to WANT to join without having to verbalize it.

Teaching the proper delivery of a testimonial should be included in your “Getting Started Training”, or at the very least, be included into any ongoing trainings you are providing for your team.

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