Network Marketing Tip: How Not to Ruin a Meeting

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Here's a great network marketing tip on running smooth meetings…

If you want to run good quality meetings for your network marketing business, you want to absolutely make sure you pay attention to every last detail.  Whether you are doing a big Super Saturday Event, an in-home meeting like a PBR (Private Business Reception), a small hotel meeting, a weekly opportunity meeting….or ANY meeting for that matter, ATTENTION TO DETAIL is huge!

You do NOT want your meeting to be blown because of either poor planning or someone in the room creating a disturbance.  Some things are unpredictable and unavoidable.  However…many disturbances or mishaps can very easily be avoided.

The last thing you want is for your meeting to be ruined because something goes wrong.  In this video, I'm referencing a guy I had in my group named Steve.  It's not really his name…so just go with it.

Meet “Steve”.  Steve was a distributor.  He isn't a prospect.  He attends meetings regularly…and regularly creates situations where prospects are less likely to sign up because of the things he does during the meetings he attends.

Watch the video above.

Ever have a guy like “Steve” at your meeting?  We probably all have.

What we want to do is run smooth meetings and reduce the amount of times this happens to us in our lives.

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