Network Marketing: Too Good to Be True?

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Is network marketing too good to be true?
Is it?  A lot of people think so.

We are often faced with skepticism and negativity surrounding the business model.

WAIT.  Hold on.  Check.  Hold up.  Is it…  Is it the MODEL?  OR…
maybe it's the way the MODEL IS PRESENTED????

How does the marketplace feel about network marketing?  We still are faced with the word “stigma” as I pointed out in a recent post about the subject and the negativity and skepticism we face in the profession…even 70+ years later.

We need to step up individually and collectively to do a better job of presenting network marketing to people where it still sounds really good but not SO GOOD, that it “sounds too good to be true.”  You follow me?

I pulled some statistics up that you need to know about to give you a bit of a deeper perspective and understanding of WHY our prospects respond the way they do.

I went online and went to to see what the MEDIAN INCOME was with different occupations in the United States.  I reference these in the video attached to this post.  Watch it.

Median Incomes for Several Occupations

Administrative Assistant $15/hour
Certified Nursing Assistant $11/hour
Cashier $9/hour
Office Manager $43,485/year
Registered Nurse $27/hour
Software Engineer $79,357/year
Accountant $47,936/year
Bank Teller $10/hour
CEO $159,000/year
CFO $121,000/year
COO $135,000/year
Dentist $123,000/year
Digital Marketing Manager $63,000/year
Elementary School Teacher $41,700/year

Did you see that?????  Look again folks.  CEOs, CFOs and Dentists have a median income in the US of around 150k a year…and we go blabbering to those people about how our vitamin company is going to make them 50k a MONTH????  Are we off our rocker?

Kinda.  Yes.  Kinda.  No.

WATCH THE VIDEO.  SHARE IT.  Let's change it up.  And…stopping blowing people across the room!

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