How to Be a Better Sponsor in Network Marketing

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Let me say this.  You DO want to become a better sponsor in network marketing, just in case you were wondering what the “big deal” was all about.  Yes…you do.  Want to…bet better.

To be a sponsor in network marketing, and not just a recruiter who slaps people in a deal and has no other people in his/her team except the people they personally recruit…requires an OBLIGATION to others.

In fact…it says it right there in your POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.  Your ROLE, your responsibility is this.
You have an obligation to perform.  READ IT again.  It's not just sign them up and point a finger.  Yea…it happens that way often, but it doesn't work out so well for any party involved.

People don't know how to do things naturally.  They need to be TAUGHT how to do them.  Just like we all had to learn to walk, to talk, to tie our shoes, do math, or anything else for that matter…we need to LEARN to sponsor in network marketing.

This 5-minute video gives you an idea of what your obligation, your responsibility is as a sponsor in network marketing.

If you become a better sponsor in network marketing, you will create more successes.
If you're just a recruiter…you will have a big front line, and NO downline beyond them.
It happens all the time.

Remember this about being a sponsor in network marketing:

  1.  It takes responsibility.  You owe it to your new person to help them.
  2. It takes work.  Building and teaching someone isn't an overnight experience.  It's hard work sometimes.
  3. It takes understanding and empathy.  Sometimes you need to be on the same page with someone, to help them get to the next chapter of the book.  Understand?

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