No-Nonsense Guide to Building Business Relationships That Actually Matter

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Let's cut to the chase: the way you're building business relationships probably isn't cutting it. I've seen it time and time again – professionals just adding contacts to their phones with no context, no notes, nothing. That's not how you build a network; that's how you build a forgettable contact list. Here’s my no-nonsense approach: whenever I add someone to my phone, I don’t just stop at the name and number. I note down everything – where we met, what we talked about, and even their kids' names. Why? Because it's these details that turn a contact into a connection.

Get Real About Building Business Relationships

If you think just remembering someone’s name is enough, you’re dead wrong. The real game-changer in building business relationships is personalization. Remembering the little details about someone isn’t just nice; it's smart business. It shows you’re paying attention and actually give a damn.

Here's How You Do It

1.    Every Time You Meet Someone: Scribble down the details as soon as they’re in your phone. This is ground zero for building solid business relationships.

2.    Before You Meet Again: Quick look at your notes. It's like a cheat sheet for building a business relationship that has a real foundation.

3.    Drop Those Details Into Conversation: Casually mention something you’ve noted down. Watch how quickly this shifts the dynamic.

4.    Keep Updating: Relationships evolve. Your notes should too. This is about building business relationships that last, not just making an impression.

The Real Impact

Here’s the bottom line: this isn’t just about being remembered, it’s about being impossible to forget. This is how you build business relationships that are more than just exchanges of business cards. It’s about making every connection count.


Stop wasting opportunities by half-assing your approach to networking. The power of building business relationships lies in the details. Start taking notes and watch your network transform from a list of names to a list of invaluable business allies. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

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