One Big FAT MLM F-Up

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People often do silly things in this profession, but this one is super stupid. I suppose if self-sabotage is part of success, than I could see why one would do this, but I don't think people really want to just throw money away like this.

So I finally brought Buzzy Boxer back into my office to discuss what is quite possibly one of the biggest f-ups in MLM. This super stupid and costly mistake is being made by many network marketing professionals who are literally throwing money away by making this unbelievably dumb mistake. You don't want to do this. And…if you do, it is guaranteed to cost you money and lose you countless sums of money that you cannot even begin to calculate.

While Buzzy is silly and goofy and sometimes painful to look at, the message here is meaty and something everyone should perpetuate to all those they know in this wonderful profession.

Pay it forward and share this.

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