One Quick Step to Ending Procrastination

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ending procrastinationIt stinks.  Low production doesn't smell good.  Ca-Ca.

I know what it's like to put stuff off.  Procrastination is a dog…and it makes your business stink.  I'm sure we all procrastinate in one way or another in life.

But…how painful can it be if you're in the business of network marketing, but not actually acting like you are?  I mean…it can't be fun playing dollhouse when you know you need to be in the BIG house.

How do you put an ending to procrastination?

Staring at the phone, putting it off for another day is killing you.  I mean…if that describes you, it is.

Pacing back and forth, doing everything but the ONE thing that makes you money in this business is tiresome.  I'm getting sleepy just writing this.

While I'm making a joke about poo, and even talk about it in my video…I'm dead serious about the message.

Try it…if even for a couple hours if you're stuck.  Take the dive.

Oh…and the folks over at Life Hack did an amazing post on this subject as well.
11 Practical Ways to Stop Procrastination

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