Practice Makes Perfect? Is That Really True?

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Practice Makes Perfect? In What Exactly?

In this episode…

  • The Importance of Practicing Business Skills
  • Why Practice is Vital to Network Marketing
  • Reasons a Majority of Network Marketers Fail to Practice
  • Ways to Incorporate Practice into Your Organization

Practice Makes Perfect? Where?

We all know that the only way to learn something new or improve upon what you already know is to practice. So, why don’t more people do it?

Practice makes perfect?  It moves you toward improvement…and possible perfection, but shying away from it because you can't ever be perfect, doesn't mean you shouldn't practice.

When practices makes perfect it is likely only when someone completely dedicates every ounce of energy into something and becomes so completely obsessed with being the very best that they may achieve perfection.

Although Network Marketing requires hard work and dedication, the profession is really not that complicated. If only people would practice; it would make such a big difference and significant impact to individuals' successes. This is why practice is vital to Network Marketing.

We've all heard that phrase, “practice makes perfect”.  And…while we may never actually reach perfection…there's no arguing that practice is proven to work.

Practice helps you get better.  And…you know that practice makes you more confident. You likely agree that practice works.

But still…most people don't do it, which is why they never even move toward perfection.

Over the years I have worked with a countless number of people that are prospecting, but not getting any results. They are doing the work, but not getting the results. Why? Because they are usually making the same mistakes over and over again.

Rather than taking the time to identify their weaknesses and dedicating themselves to improving, they continue as is without ever developing their skills. In other words, one has to work on improving oneself and practice business skills in Network Marketing.

Practice Makes Perfect?  Maybe.

But it definitely gets you better. 

You've got to WORK on getting better rather than EXPECTING to get better.

And…training is one thing that prepares you for “the game”. Let me ask you a couple of questions around this concept…

How much time do you dedicate to practicing skills related to your business?

Have you built practice into your organization’s culture?

Are you actively engaged and working on developing your skills?

You can attend a seminar and take notes, or read a book and understand the message, but do you actually practice what you’ve learned? Additionally, intellectual understanding is not enough. Just because you understand a concept does not mean that you can execute it with success.

Skill development through practice is the key to significant growth; practice, analyze, get and give feedback, refine your approach and practice again until you’ve nailed it.

Are you wanting to improve, but not working on improving? You've got to practice business skills to perfect your craft. This is why practice is vital to Network Marketing. Look at yourself, your habits, and where you are currently at. Practice includes time, mistakes, repetition, discomfort, frustration, honesty, and dedication.

If you want to get better, here's a straight up question…ARE YOU WORKING ON GETTING BETTER?

Here’s FOUR ways to incorporate practice into your organization…

Praise…practice takes effort. Create a culture where there is an expectation, reward and celebration for building skills.

Focus…it isn’t possible to practice and master all skills all at once. Choose one or two things to focus on and practice, then build upon that.

Commitment…dedicate time to building your skills. Schedule it, give yourself goals and set deadlines to realistically achieve them.

Practice…both individually and with members on your team, within your organization, with leaders and with coaches.

The more you practice, the more opportunities you’ll have for improvement. The more improvement you have, the better result you will achieve.

Making a commitment to practice business skills is essential to success and why practice is vital to Network Marketing. After all, practice is the only way to become proficient in a skill. As an entrepreneur, I encourage you to embrace the task of practice in order to continue to grow and lead others.

So…while we can say all day that “practice makes perfect”…and in our minds we're thinking, “I'll never be perfect”…it's not a reason to just sit back and do nothing.

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