Prospecting Mastery – Becoming A Better Closer in NWM

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Becoming A Better Closer in NWM
  • The Start Of Becoming A Better Closer
  • The 7-Word Closing Question That Works Great

Becoming A Better Closer in NWM

Let’s talk about closing. When most people hear the word “closing,” they get an image in their mind of a car salesperson. Some get the image of Alec Baldwin pointing at the chalkboard, saying… A,B,CA = Always, B = Be, C = Closing. Either way, when most hear the word “closing,” it triggers anxiety in most people. In today’s training, you'll discover my 7-word closing question, which works like magic. You’ll also see how to become a better close regarding network marketing. Closing the deal in network marketing is smooth when done correctly. The best part is you can start using this closing process today.

The Start Of Becoming A Better Closer

The close starts from the beginning. From the moment you first connect with your prospect, you’re closing. Think of closing as a series of action steps. Your goal is to “close” people to action. This means you’re always moving people forward in the conversation. One of the main factors which drive the conversation is your energy.

The intention and energy of your invite matter, so your prospect feels the commitment to your business. You want to be in a good state of mind when prospecting. Now, let’s look at…

The 7-Word Closing Question That Works Great

Before we get into the closing question, let’s look at the entire prospect process. Here’s an example of this process: Invite, follow up, answer questions, and close. Again, we’re closing at each step of the process. Once we’ve answered all of the prospect's questions, you ask this question…“Hey John, would it be cool if I show you the different plans available?” This question lets you know if they’re interested or not. Most of the time, they say sure, sounds great. At this point, you walk them through your plans, kits, and starting options. This is also a good time to share your story with them on how you got started and which kit you came into the business. Once you’re finished showing them the different plans, you simply ask this 7-word question…“How do you see yourself getting started?” This works great because they already know the different plans available. The next thing you want to do is fill out the order information on the website for them. This way, it gets taken care of immediately. Make sure you watch my video above to get all the details .I recommend becoming a Fearless Networker Insider to get my latest prospecting strategies.

This episode, #191, is about “Becoming A Better Closer in NWM.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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