Prospecting Mastery – Social Media Recruiting Fundamentals

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Social Media Recruiting Fundamentals
  • The Two-Step System For Social Media Recruiting
  • The Art Of The Conversation

Social Media Recruiting Fundamentals

Let’s talk about social media. More specifically, let’s talk about recruiting on social media. Social media is great for connecting with new people and building relationships. Unfortunately, most network marketers use social media in a way that gets them little to no results. In today's training, you’ll see how to effectively use social media and consistently have fresh new people in your pipeline. When you use social media the way I show you in this training, you’ll find recruiting becomes much more effective. So, if you’re struggling with using social media to recruit new people, watch this training video immediately.

The Two-Step System For Social Media Recruiting

There are two steps to recruiting using social media. One has to do with marketing. One has to do with recruiting. Both are different yet work together. Here’s how it works…We start with marketing. This means posting content on social media. Sharing images, stories, and your daily adventures. This is step one. Now, we wait for people to engage with our posts. What we’re looking for here is a way to start the conversation. Because once someone engages with us, it’s much easier to start prospecting them. Prospecting is when you’re reaching out to people and asking the pique interest question. We’re looking for… People who share, like, and reply to your posts. These people are who we want to connect with first. Now, let’s look at…

The Art Of The Conversation

Before you message anyone on social media, first review their profile. See what’s happening in their life and what you can start a conversation with. Doing this gives you something to connect with them on. You want to look to engage with them authentically. Don’t try to recruit them in the first engagement. Look to start the relationship. Watch my video above because I go into more detail on this. Ask yourself this question when reviewing their profile…“Is this someone I’d like to team up with?” If so, and you’ve found something on their profile to connect with them on, reach out to them on messenger. Remember, the goal with this first reach out is simply to connect with them. Now…If you’d like to learn more about recruiting using social media, I’d highly recommend becoming a Fearless Networker Insider. Here I share my latest recruiting strategies. You’ll see what’s working right now. Get the latest social media strategies for building a large and successful network marketing business.

This episode, #192, is about “Prospecting Mastery – Social Media Recruiting Fundamentals.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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