Prospecting Mastery – The Buddy Concept

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery – The Buddy Concept
  • The Magic Of Teaming Up With A Buddy
  • Creating Breakthroughs With Your Buddy

Prospecting Mastery – The Buddy Concept

What's the Buddy Concept? It’s a simple idea to improve your prospecting skills and activity. Something magical happens when working with others that bring more prospects into play! Plus, you'll see how using this concept will help bring fresh new people into contact so they can become prospects or customers for YOUR business. If you’re not consistently filling your pipeline with new people to talk with you’ll soon be out of business. Using a buddy to team up with can change the game for your business. Watch this training video above to see how I recommend you do this.

The Magic Of Teaming Up With A Buddy

Any opportunity you have to work with another person is an opportunity to perform at another level. This is one of the reasons people have workout partners, running partners, etc. Getting instant feedback from someone can help you improve your skillset. The KEY when using this concept is to follow a simple process. The first thing to remember is this is not about “hanging out.” Using the buddy concept is all about working together and giving each other feedback when prospecting. This means you’re both prospecting and exposing people to your products and services. When prospecting, your buddy will be able to see things you don’t and visa versa. Your buddy will also be able to hear your tone of voice and the speed of the conversation. You might not even notice these things because you’re involved in the conversation with your prospect. Now, let’s talk about…

Creating Breakthroughs With Your Buddy

Good things happen when you buddy up. For example, you get to feed off each other's energy. You’ll start to see your confidence increasing because you’re taking action and moving through any fear you might have. Knowing someone else has got your back sometimes makes all the difference. They can be a strength for you when you might not feel so strong. Overall, this works so well because of the real-time feedback. Sometimes you’ll notice something the other person is doing that you should also be doing to improve your prospecting game. Having a buddy to help build your prospecting skills can be a game-changer. Buddy's provide support, feedback, and accountability. If you’d like help with improving your prospecting skills and some accountability to help you hit your goals. I’d highly recommend you check out my A-TEAM program!

You can learn more about this program at This episode, #173, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery – The Buddy Concept.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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