Prospecting Mastery – Getting Into A Flow State

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery – Getting Into A Flow State
  • The Secret To Getting Into A Flow State
  • Closing More Business And Driving Revenue With Less Stress

Prospecting Mastery – Getting Into A Flow State

Let’s talk about getting into a flow state. Have you ever been doing something, looked up at the clock, and realized hours have gone by when it only feels like minutes? You’re left wondering where the time went. I call this being in a flow state. And in today’s training, I’m going to show you how to get into this state when you’re prospecting. When you get into a prospecting flow state, magic happens! I’ll explain how this all works in just a moment. Just know if you follow my simple process for doing this, prospecting becomes effortless.

The Secret To Getting Into A Flow State

So, how do you get into a state of flow? Great question! After prospecting for over 30 years now, I’ve tried and tested many different methods. And what I’m about to share with you I’ve found works the best. I call it a POWER HOUR! How a power hour works is straightforward. You want to set aside one hour a day to do your prospecting. This means making new connections with people…And moving them through your pipeline to the next step. You want to set this time on your calendar, so it’s scheduled in advance. Why? Because prospecting is one of the most important parts of your business. Without new people to talk with, you’re out of business. So, setting aside only one hour a day is the start to you becoming unstoppable in network marketing. And the best part is…

Closing More Business And Driving Revenue With Less Stress

Once you start prospecting for one hour a day, you’ll notice something magical happening. You’ll start to pick up on people's tonality. You’ll begin to notice more people saying yes to your business. You’ll feel any anxiety you once had at the thought of prospecting simply melting away. Plus, because you’re in this flow state, you’ll notice the hour feels like a few minutes. This works because repeated exposure to the same activity starts the flow state. Remember…Prospecting is the MOST critical part of doing business! You want to become a master prospector by doing at least one power hour a day.

If you’d like to speed up your prospecting skills, you might want to use my fearless five milestones for this.

This episode, #174, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery – Getting Into A Flow State.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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