Prospecting Mastery – The Feedback Loop

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  • Prospecting Mastery - The Feedback Loop
  • Getting Feedback And Skyrocketing Your Results
  • Working With An Expert For Fast Feedback

Prospecting Mastery - The Feedback Loop

Would you like to speed up your prospecting skills?

If so, I have an excellent little training for you today.

I call it the feedback loop!

The feedback loop is a simple process for getting feedback, so you know exactly what changes need to be made in your prospecting.

Getting feedback is the first step toward change.

Improvement in your prospecting means you’re closing more business and driving sales.

Let’s get started…

Getting Feedback And Skyrocketing Your Results

So, here’s the thing…

You can get feedback from anyone.

I’m going to give you two methods for doing this.

The method is to record your calls.

You can record your calls and listen back to your calls and give yourself feedback.

The second method is to have an expert give you feedback.

Having an expert listen to your calls can have even better results.

This is because an expert can hear things; you cannot.

Plus, they have the experience to guide you to best handle the situation.

Working With An Expert For Fast Feedback

I do a lot of work like this with network marketers.

They’ll have me listen in on their calls and give feedback.

I do a 3-day retreat once a year, guiding networkers and giving feedback while they’re prospecting.

This is game-changing for them.

Learn more about my one-on-one coaching if you’d like to personally work with me and give you feedback on your prospecting.

Feedback is paramount when prospecting and talking with people about your business.

Something else I would recommend to do is start practicing with your prospecting and then listing to your calls.

My Little Black Book Of Scripts training is a great resource to help you with this.

Here you can follow my proven scripts and listen to yourself for feedback.

You can check out my best script here at:

I look forward to helping you step up your prospecting game by continuously practicing and getting feedback.

This episode, #175, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery - The Feedback Loop.”

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Stay fearless,

Todd Falcone
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