Prospecting Mastery – Your Ears Are There For A Reason

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Prospecting Mastery -Your Ears Are There For A Reason
  • The First Step Towards Increasing Your Prospecting Efforts
  • Daily Habits That Drive New Reps And Customers

Prospecting Mastery -Your Ears Are There For A Reason

Let’s talk about prospecting. If you’re not getting the results you want from your prospecting efforts, it might be time to change. Now… If you want to change something, you must first do this ONE THING. I’ll share this with you in just a moment. For now, understand when you do this one thing, it can take your prospecting from zero new customers to bringing new customers aboard quite often. You can go from one new rep per month to one new rep per week, if not more, depending on your activity level. And, doing this ONE THING costs you nothing, and you can get started within the next ten minutes after watching this training. Let’s get started…

The First Step Towards Increasing Your Prospecting Efforts

To create change within yourself, you must first have AWARENESS. This is the first step towards growth and attracting everything you want in this world. It all starts with your ears. When it comes to prospecting and selling your products and services. It creates two major problems when you’re not actively listing and turning your senses on. One, you’re not even listing to the prospect to start with. How do they know this? Because you asked them a question, they started to answer it, and then you cut them off mid-sentence. This signals to the prospect that you could care less about what they want. When you’re not listing, you’re not even going to hear how you can be of service to them. These two things can kill the prospecting call before it begins.

Daily Habits That Drive New Reps And Customers

Listing is a lifelong habit to get good at, so we must practice it daily. The question to ask yourself today is, how good of a listener are you? I recommend you start focusing on listing more intently when talking with your prospects. I do this all the time on my live dial calls. These are calls I’ve done where people can listen to me prospecting. Now…If you’d like to be a fly on the wall and listen to me do LIVE DIALS so you can model how I prospect and listen to my prospects, here’s your opportunity. Get FULL ACCESS to my NEW RECRUITING PRO'S LIVE DIALS Training for 90% OFF The Retail Price!

Hurry because this SUMMER SALE ends on June 3rd at midnight. This episode, #181, it’s about “Prospecting Mastery -Your Ears Are There For A Reason.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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