Prospecting Strategy for Your Warm Market

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Why Begging Your Friends and Family is a BAD Prospecting Strategy for Your Warm Market

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Who is your warm market?
  • How your mentality influences your approach?
  • What is your prospecting strategy for your warm market?
  • Why is begging your friends and family a bad strategy?
  • How to shift your perspective when prospecting your warm market?

In this episode we’re going to discuss prospecting strategy for your warm market…what works and, especially, what doesn’t. First, let’s define and identify your warm market.

Warm Market

Your warm market is a network of potential customers or business builders that you have a personal or professional relationship with or with whom you have had previous contact. For example, your warm market can include family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, social club associates, church members, etc. Simply said, it is people you already know and are in your circle or sphere of influence where there is an existing level of trust.

In other words, individuals in your warm market are considered more approachable simply because they know you. In theory, because of the existing relationship you already have with them, you would be able to identify the products and/or services that could provide a benefit and, in turn, they would be receptive to hearing and learning about what you have to offer.

Since you are familiar with theses individuals the prospecting strategy for your warm market is that initiating a conversation would be a natural and comfortable option for prospecting. Instead, so often because we are comfortable with our warm market we find that sometimes there is a tendency to bug or beg.

“When you have a begging mentality, you are desperate.”
Your Mentality Influences your Approach

Desperate language, tone and energy can be alienating and usually push people away. A begging mentality is not coming from a position of strength. In fact, basic human psychology tells us that we are not apt to assist or engage with someone who is needy. Instead we’re often turned off because we see them as desperate, manipulative, intrusive, dependent, unreliable, unhappy, unfulfilled, nervous, scared, etc. Therefore, begging or bugging is NOT an effective prospecting strategy for your warm market.

How You Approach Your Warm Market is Pivotal

When approaching your warm market you want to originate from a genuinely confident, postured, and professional position.

So, what if you are uncomfortable in your approach even though you know your prospect? You can build your confidence by deciding to act as though you are…be authentic in your relationship and “wear” confidence until it is your natural persona.

Try This Shift in Perspective if You Find Your Confidence Wavering…

If the product or service that caused you to join the business is good enough for you, then why is it not good enough to share with someone you love or care about?

The mindset that marketing to friends and family is an ineffective strategy is completely incorrect. Any business starting from scratch will more than likely start with these types of close relationships.

Your warm market is actually a great place to get started! If you were to open a business or host an open house who would you invite? You would include the people you know…friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances would be the first on your list. Not talking to friends and family about your new business, service, financial opportunity, etc. defies common sense. The difference is that…

“It's not IF you approach your warm market, but HOW you do it.”

In summary, you can most definitely have success talking with friends and family about your business, but the key is not to bug or beg. An effective prospecting strategy for your warm market is to always be professional, kind, considerate and confident.

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