Follow-up Mistakes in Network Marketing

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Follow-up Mistakes in Network Marketing Can Be Avoided!

Don't get caught making these Follow-up Mistakes in Network Marketing!

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why are Follow-Up Mistakes Fatal?
  • What are the Common Follow-Up Mistakes in Network Marketing?
  • How to Avoid Follow-Up Mistakes?
PLUS a Script to Assist YOU with Follow-Up!

Follow-up mistakes in Network Marketing are common, however, they can turn into prospecting fatalities. Let’s examine SIX Common Follow-Up Mistakes …  

Prospect, but don’t follow-up. 

To build a successful organization, DON'T spend your time reaching out to potential customers or business builders and then just wait around, hoping they make a purchase or enroll. That’s a mistake!

Instead, follow-up by providing your prospect with information, answering questions, presenting additional materials, utilizing third party validation, and overall ensuring the prospect has all the information needed to make a relaxed and informed decision.

“Remember this…even when you are on top of your follow-up game, it still does not guarantee the person will join your business.”

Wait to follow-up in a timely manner.

There is no perfect timeline and/or exact rule to follow-up correctly. Ideally, what you want to do is get back to the person AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Honestly, the optimal time to follow-up is the moment the prospect has finished looking at the information you provided them. Consequently, that is when the information is fresh in their mind, their interest is peaked and they’re excited. Conversely, lot of things can happen to interrupt and disrupt the decision making process if you wait to follow-up.

Don't maintain contact.

You have identified the characteristics and qualities you look for in an individual with whom you want on your team. In addition, you’ve prospected and followed-up, but the person isn’t ready to make a decision. Even if they say “no” or “I would never” or “it’s the wrong time right now”, maintain contact with that person. In reality, you never know when someone will change their mind or attitude or be in a situation when your opportunity becomes the right fit.

“When it comes to business, timing is everything.”

Miss an appointment. 

Never miss an appointment. Let me say that again, do NOT miss an appointment with a prospect. Follow-up takes organization and dedication. Operate out of your calendar or whatever system works best for you. Commit to your appointments to follow-up and be accountable.

Appear too pushy.

There is a balance between being professional and assertive while pursuing a prospect. Sometimes one’s enthusiasm can translate as being too pushy which can be a turn-off. Excitement and eagerness is great, still be aware of how you’re coming across and if need be, tone it down. Maintain balance in your presentation and follow-up.

Lack of preparation.

When you follow-up, be prepared. Therefore, anticipate the questions and/or needs your prospect may have and if you don’t know the answers, have an upline, downline, company Q&A's, etc. available to assist and fill-in the gaps.

Follow-up mistakes are common, however, they can be avoided by being aware of these six common follow-up mistakes in Network Marketing.

“The fortune is in the follow-up.”

Lastly, be prepared to take notes while watching and/or listening to this podcast. I provide a simple script to assist you with follow-up. 

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