REAL Example: Why One Company Wins and the Other Loses

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I'm not brick and mortar expert…but I'm pretty good at getting a feel for what works and what doesn't in business.

Most of the time it is painfully obvious…and the PAIN is felt in the bottom line profits of that business.

Don't you love it when a company you give money to does things in such a way that it makes you want to come running back for more?

On the other hand…how about when a company messes up and fails to make good?

In this video, I experienced one very positive experience, and one negative experience while catering different businesses in the past 24 hours.

Listen to what I have to say about the car wash and the Mexican restaurant…and see how you can apply what I talk about in whatever type of business you may be running.

Not hard.  Some times it's the real simple stuff that makes a BIG difference.

When you know why one company wins and the other loses, you can make big strides in whatever company you are building or running.

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