What Separates Winners from Losers

Some people seem to think that BIG producers don't get rejected.  The truth is…they probably get rejected more than anyone else, because they DO more than most people.

There's a thought people have about so called “heavy hitters” in network marketing.  That thought is often something like this:  “It's easy for Mr. Heavy Hitter because he already has success.  All he has to do is tell people who he is and they join.  Mr. Heavy Hitter recruits people because he is a heavy hitter, and those people join him because of who he is.”

Now…while some of that may be true, meaning that people may join someone because of their history, MOST of the people that are enrolled by big producers are done the same way someone who has lesser experience does.

What Separates Winners from Losers

What separates winners from losers is simple.  Winners keep charging forward in spite of what they are faced with in the market.  They keep chugging along.  They don't stop.  They don't give up.  And…they don't take things personally.

And…they get LOTS and LOTS of people saying NO to them.

Wanna get ahead and win?  Keep chugging.  Don't stop.  Keep running hard.  Let GO of the emotional attachment and STOP holding onto something wondering if there is “something wrong with me.”

As soon as you learn to do this, you'll have a lot more fun in your business.

I know.  I'm a recovering “take it personally” guy.

Todd Falcone
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