Real Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing

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Why is it that some individuals succeed in Network Marketing while others fail?

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why Do Some People Succeed in Network Marketing?
  • How Come Some Individuals Struggle in Network Marketing?
  • What are the Real Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing?
  • Is it the Profession or the People That are the Cause of Success or Failure?
Why do some individuals “win” in Network Marketing while others are unsuccessful?

The overall concept of Network Marketing is the same, regardless of the company; it is a distribution model of moving goods or services. By definition, Network Marketing is essentially a way of moving goods or services to end users utilizing a network of independent distributors or affiliates to do so.

“People that WORK Network Marketing, find that Network Marketing WORKS for them.”

In other words, if you work your Network Marketing business, your Network Marketing business will work for you.

Let’s look at the Real Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing

Sometimes people fail because they don’t work the business. Let’s be real, there are a lot of people that don’t work the business. They enroll, but don’t actually do anything at all.

Some individuals are doing actions, but they aren’t doing the right actions. They’re showing up for the team trainings, posting on social media, occasionally prospecting, etc. BUT, they aren’t proactively focused on revenue producing activities.

There are those who are just simply impatient. They don’t have the attention span, maturity or patience to let the business mature. Trust me, no one succeeds in Network Marketing by “trying it out” or “giving it a shot”. To succeed, one has to not only apply oneself, but apply oneself for a long enough time to create a foundation from which a business can be built.

Others are doing the work flat out wrong. They are either too aggressive or too passive, sloppy, annoying, etc. There is a way to effectively and ineffectively build a business.

There is nothing wrong with Network Marketing. In fact it is probably one of the most brilliant ways to moving goods and services to end users. The profession has decades of proven longevity, with thousands of diverse companies and billions of goods and services sold.

People don’t fail in Network Marketing because there is something wrong with the profession. Failing has nothing to do with the business model of Network Marketing; it has everything to do with the individual.

If it’s not working for you or you have a team member who it’s not working for, it’s time to honestly look at the situation. Are you/they doing the work? If the answer is yes, then examine what work you/they are doing.  How much of that work are you/they doing? And how long have you/they been doing that work? Have you/they given it enough time to sprout and grow? If the answer to any of those questions are no, weak or non-productive, understand that the problem, obstacle or hurdle is not the profession, it’s YOU.

As we enter this New Year, no matter where you are in your business, I challenge you to complete and commit to this sentence.  “I’m doing this deal until                                                                        .”

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