Sell More By Feeding your Prospect’s Passion

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You'll sell a whole lot more of whatever it is you're selling…in or out of network marketing when you clue in on what truly excites your prospect.  This goes down to simple Relationship Building 101:  Talk about Things they Love!

Have you ever asked someone a question or brought up a specific subject in conversation and find them “lighting up like a Christmas tree” about that very subject???  Of course you have!

You hit their HOT button, their sweet spot, their love, their passion, their joy…the thing that turns them on and fires them up!  When you discover what someone's passion is, what REALLY excites them…REMEMBER IT!

FEED IT!!!  Feed the thing they love the most and they'll love you for it.  They'll never forget what you did!

This is super simple.  One BIG reason people choose to buy from you is because they LIKE you…they feel good about you.  People typically choose to do business with individuals that make them feel good.  No one really loves giving money to someone they dislike.

So…since you know that already, take a deeper dive here.

Do you know EXACTLY what it is that fires up your prospect?
What turns them on and excites them to no end?
What would they lose sleep over in order to get up early in the morning to go do?
What is it that your prospect would do every day of the week if they had time for it?
What's their passion?  Their thing?

Once you know what it is…you FEED IT to them!

One of the most powerful things you can do to sell more of whatever it is you're selling is by feeding your prospect's passion.

Let's say you know that your prospect LOVE snow skiing as an example.

You see an a really cool ski video, send it to them.
An article on skiing, take a pic of it and send it over to them.
You heard of some super cool spot to ski, send them a text and see if they know about it.

You're feeding the thing they love the most.  You're creating a situation where when they think about you…they're very likely thinking good things!  The more positive they feel about you, the higher the likelihood that they'd choose to do business with you if you decide to approach them.

Not hard.  Super simple….and very powerful.

By bringing up their favorite subject and feeding them things that inspire their passion…it's impossible for them to not think great thoughts about you.

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