Social Media Marketing: It’s a Two-Way Street

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Social Media Marketing Basic Fundamental 101 Tip:  Engaging with others is more than simply posting stuff and hoping they're going to respond to your super interesting, mind-blowing post.  To increase engagement and build relationships, you need to make sure you consistently are in their world and responding to things that they post online.  It's not about you, how interesting you can be, and drawing people to look at what you say or do…it's also about engaging with them!  Don't forget it.  

This is a very fundamental lesson building relationships that seems to be so easily overlooked.  ALL relationships are a two-way street…at least those that are flourishing and successful.

If you're an entrepreneur using Social Media to build relationships, increase your relationship capital…and simply DO MORE business online, you can't forget how important this is in growing your tribe.

Social Media is a two-way street.   Watch how technical I get with my language below.  Mind-bending…

#1:  Post your Stuff.  Yes, you need to post frequently and interestingly in order to get and keep followers.  That's one street.  Consistently interesting posts are part of your life.  Don't be boring and don't be inconsistent.

#2:  Respond to their Stuff.  Taking the time to consistently engage with people that you're connected with is the “other” part of the street.  I'd suggest spending 10-15 minutes a day…at least once throughout your work day and respond to other people's posts.  It makes you more visible and builds SERIOUS relationship capital with those who are connected to you.

I'd go far as to say it's UTTERLY IMPORTANT to the bottom line profits of your business if you choose to use Social Media to grow it.  In other words…you can't go without it.

Post on your page.  Respond in kind to others.  Pretty simple.  But, a worthy reminder.

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