Supporting your Team on Facebook is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

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I'm hoping this post scares some people into taking action!

Supporting your team on Facebook IS absolutely a disaster waiting to happen.
But…it can easily be prevented by taking a few simple action steps.

Let me ask you this…
Can you imagine waking up one day and not being able to communicate a critical message to your network marketing team?  

Your entire communication is literally cut off, your entire team is essentially unavailable to you…leaving you with absolutely no ability to support and connect with your organization.

You'd feel powerless.  Stuck.  Frustrated.  And…very likely, in a panic.
It can happen in an instant.  Poof.  Gone.  Your communication line is cut off.

Am I fear mongering?  You bet I am!  But…there's good cause.

If you're providing 100% of the support and communication for your network
marketing team on Facebook, you're in for a world of hurt.

Don't say I didn't warn you if you choose to do nothing about it.

“Relying on a completely free tool to support your team simply isn't smart business practice.”

I'm not being overly dramatic here, nor am I “hating” on Facebook.  Social Media is amazing…and Facebook in particular has become the “go to” place for many people in network marketing, both from a recruiting standpoint, as well as providing team support.

But, if you are relying on a totally FREE Social Media outlet to be THE SUPPORT VEHICLE for you to communicate with your team…you're making a huge mistake.  Am I making sense here??

The Problem with Supporting your Team 100% on Facebook

First of all…I'm not telling you to stop supporting your team on Facebook.  Do it.  Use it!  Max it out to the best of your ability.  But, here's the problem…

It's a 100% free tool.  You have literally no say in the matter.  You're at the whim of whatever Facebook chooses to do.  There's no Customer Service line to call when you wake up and your Facebook page is gone.  You can't pick up the phone and talk to someone pleading your case as to why you should be set free from Facebook jail…because you probably don't even know what got you there in the first place!

Yes…its a great tool.  It's awesome.  But, it is FREE.  And…free comes with the price of not having control.

Are you REALLY willing to give up the control of providing support and training to your network marketing group to some guy pushing buttons at Facebook corporate?  You're going to allow your team communication to be dictated by somebody you can't even talk to for help?  I don't think so!

Pure and simple…the BIG problem with supporting your team and having 100% of your communication with your group going through Facebook is this.  FREE.  Your business is worth more than that.

Is supporting your team on Facebook effective?  YES.  It is.
Is it a great place to create community?  It sure is.
Does it make our life's easier?  I'd say so.

But… it is FREE.

So.. what's the solution??

The Solution:  Opening Up New Channels of Communication

The solution is opening up additional Channels of Communication that allow you to quickly and easily communicate with one…or ALL of your organization in one fell swoop.

If you are using Facebook Groups to support, train and encourage your team…then the logical solution to protecting your assets is replicating what you do on Facebook onto a Team Training Website that has communication channels built into it.

What's a Team Training Website?  It's pretty simple.

It's a website that is dedicated to providing support and training for your team!  It's a place to go for people to plug into when they are brand new, to get answers to questions, to get trained, to pull down important documents, and to stay in the loop.

It is a channel of communication that you control. 

Everyone does NOT need to go out there and put together a “Team Training Site.”  But…your leaders do.  Whoever is running, leading and providing the greatest amount of support in the upline leadership team should be doing it.

A Network Marketing Team Training website would allow you to:

  • broadcast email messages to your entire group.
  • use SMS messaging to connect with team members.  
  • access all of the phone numbers and other vital contact info you need to know.  
  • provide ongoing training and updates. 
  • be a powerful support tool for the entire network.  
  • stay 100% in control of the communication flow within your organization.  

The idea here is very simple.  You don't rely on a completely free tool to provide 100% of the support and communication flow within your business.  You grab control and take simple action steps to protect your assets (your network marketing team) and take ownership of how you communicate with your entire team.

Again…this isn't something every team member needs to be doing.  But…if you're running the group, yes…that is something you should be doing.

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