The #1 Factor that Leads to Greater Duplication in Network Marketing

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If you want greater duplication in network marketing, this ONE FACTOR will make the biggest impact for you.  Everyone wants greater duplication in network marketing.

What does duplication even mean?  It means the masses doing more.  Duplication is when more people…at all levels, both part time and full time are in ACTION mode.  And…this particular and very SIMPLE thing to apply is a MUST!

The ONE thing people want is their team members being ACTIVE and INVOLVED.  While there are a number of things that contribute to duplication, this particular one is the FOUNDATION of duplication.

Ask yourself a couple of questions.

Do people call me confused?
Am I constantly getting the same questions over and over again?
Do new team members stall or not get started at all?

Look…duplication ONLY OCCURS when the MASSES of people have the ability to easily understand what needs to be done in order for them to build their business.

Duplication in network marketing is absolutely what you want.  It's what everyone wants…and the only way to get it is by keeping things bare bones simple.  The simpler it is, the more people will do it.

Ask yourself this BIG QUESTION:
Am I keeping things super simple or are my people even slightly confused?

If you're keeping things bare bones simple, there's a very good chance that you are seeing duplication on your team.  If things are even remotely confusing or unanswered, you're causing your business to grow more slowly.

Remember again.  Duplication in network marketing only occurs when you keep things so simple that even the newest distributor who has never done network marketing before can come in, plug in, and easily take action toward growing their business.

Confused people do nothing.  Keep things super simple and you'll find yourself with an organization full of people that are taking action and growing their checks.

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